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Chinese Wedding Invitations

Chinese wedding invitations are always unique and elegant. There are tons of choices when it comes to wedding cards. Of course it will suit a Chinese wedding. As a matter of fact, they can also fit into other themed weddings. So, let us discover more about this type of unique wedding cards and start our journey on invitations with a Chinese touch now!

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Chinese Wedding Invitation Design

Dragon and Phoenix

Dragon and PhoenixIn fact, there are some elements that are usually used when we talk about an invitation in Chinese style. Dragon and Phoenix are something you can always see. This is only one of the examples. There are also other common elements you can find from this type of wedding invitations.

Double Happiness

Double HappinessThe “Double Happiness” character is extensively used in many Chinese wedding designs. As a matter of fact, this double happiness comprises two meaning. The first “Happiness” means that the bride and groom will get married and they will be a perfect couple. And the second “Happiness” implies that the bride and groom will have a very good future in terms of the career path. From this, you will certainly understand that double happiness wedding invitations are really blessing to the brides and grooms.

Red Color

red color invitationNow, let us talk about the colors we will usually use. Some people may know that the red color is usually used. A Chinese-style design is usually red in color. Yet, this is not the only choice here. There are also some cards which are in gold color. In fact, it is very common to have a combination of gold and red colors when designing a card in Chinese style.

Design Element

When it comes to the actual designs of the invitations, elements such as “Dragon and Phoenix”, as well as “Double Happiness” will still be used. However, other design patterns will also be used. For instance, it is always a good idea to combine the “Double Happiness” with some western floral patterns. In this case, we can create an invitation which combines cultures from both the East and West.

Traditionally, it is not common to have a pocket on a Chinese wedding card. In fact, the advantage of having a pocket is that you can put a few different cards into the invitations. This will suit couples who will need to include a lot of information in the cards. Since there are also couples who need to put a lot of information into the card, it is more common to add a pocket to a Chinese design nowadays. Besides, it is also important to consider the invitation wording very carefully. There are some rituals and rules you will need to know. Though it is not really a design element, you must consider this point in order to make the invites perfect.

Printing Methods

The printing method is another point to consider. Techniques such as foil printing and embossing are extensively used when printing the wedding cards. Of course other printing methods can also be used. In Particular, letterpress wedding cards in Chinese style is something very elegant.

In fact, there are unlimited possibilities when it comes to the designs of Chinese wedding invitations. So, be sure to consider this choice and idea when you are planning for your wedding cards!
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