Love and Double Happiness - Free Wedding Invitation Template

Love and Double Happiness

In this free Chinese wedding invitation template design, we have tried to combine two elements together. The first element is the Chinese word “double happiness” and the second element is the English work “Love”. It is attempted to combine this two elements to express the notion of love and the blessing of wedding.

It is common to see Chinese stamps or chops on some traditional painting. Usually, the name of the artist will be put on the chop. So, the chop is really the signature of the artist. In this design, we have incorporate the Double Happiness into a chop or stamp in Chinese style. An ancient typeface is used so that it will look really like a vintage stamp.

Now, the question is how it is possible to combine the two elements together. A Chinese chop or stamp can be in an oval shape. This means that it can look very similar to an “O” in English. This is how we combine these elements together. There is an “O” in the word “LOVE”. As a result, we blend the stamp design to the “O” of the word. It represents that the couple joins together because of LOVE.

To make the graphic stands out, there is no other element on the design except the infinity sign under the word “LOVE”. Without any surprise, this is to signify that the love of the couple will be something forever. All these three graphic elements create the main theme of the design. No other graphic element is added apart from these three elements. In terms of color, the stamp is in red color. This is inline with what we can usually see for this kind of stamps or chops. The color of the word “LOVE” is in royal purple color.

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