Joyful musical notes - Free Wedding Invitation Template

When we are happy, we would sing a song. And getting married is the most important thing in life, there must be a theme song for your wedding. This is also the main idea of creating this design.

This free wedding invitation design is based the concept of musical notes. It aims to abstract and re-build the idea of songs and notes in the design. The word “WEDDING” is arranged on the cover so that it will like a series of music notes. Each note is of different color. This make the music notes very colorful. Yes, a wedding is always colorful when we think about the idea and notion of celebration. You would personalize the invitation by putting names and dates on it.

Besides the word “WEDDING”, the word “INVITATION” is also on the cover. This word is attached to one of the music note. In fact, the first “I” of the word is an extension of once of the music note. The color of this word is green in color. For the “O” of the word, a double happiness symbol is used. Although this is not a Chinese style wedding invitation, it still creates a very interesting contrast with the word “WEDDING” and all the music notes.

Joyful Music Notes Wedding Invitation Template

You would download the free printable file and get the invitation printed. It is possible for you to change the colors of the design. For example, you can change all the colors of the word “WORDING” into one single color. You can also change the color of the word “INVITATION”. However, you will need to use the software such as Adobe Illustrator in order to make these changes!

You can trim the card according to the trim mark and fold it into equal half, a beautiful invitation is created so easily.

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