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Free Floral Wedding Invitations

Flowers are something commonly used in weddings. They are always beautiful and elegant. In fact, you will probably use flowers to create the decorations of the venue. A lot of brides and grooms will also use flowers to make the centerpieces. It is a good idea to apply this idea to the wedding cards. In fact, it is quite common for brides and grooms to have floral designs.

To this end, you can put some floral patterns on the invitations. You can have your own floral wedding invitation. This kind of designs will fit a garden theme very well. Of course it basically will fit various wedding themes. As a contemporary design, the floral pattern design is usually very flexible.

These free wedding templates can help you to do the job easily. It is true that it can be difficult for you to draw the floral patterns yourself and compose the invitation. This is why we decide to create these free wedding card templates. You can use the templates freely in order to create your own unique invite. You can use it to create a single invitation card. Of course it is also possible to make a folding card with the templates. You may even make some changes to the flowers so that you can have your own unique floral invitation. The floral patterns of the design express the love of the couple. The design comes on two different styles and colors – violet and deep red floral patterns.

Alternatively, you can also download the high resolution files:

JPG Format dltjpg


MS Word Format dltword


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