Fall Wedding Lovely Leaves - Free Wedding Invitation Template

Autumn is a very romantic season, and having a wedding in Autumn is very romantic too. Are you also planning for a fall wedding now? If so, this fall wedding invitation template is for you:

Modern Fall Wedding Design

Fall Wedding Leaves Invitation Template

It is very common to print leaves on the cards when it comes to the idea of a fall wedding invitation. We also adapt this idea of fall leaves in this invitation template design. However, the leaves will usually look very classic when you look at other similar designs in the market. Our idea is create something different. Instead of using very classic leaf patterns, we have successfully made it a bit more modern. We have drawn the patterns of autumn leaves in a way which is different from traditional (and classic =p) designs. The leaves look more geometric so that it can deliver a sense of being more modern. The main concept behind is to create an invitation with autumn leaves which looks different so that you do not have to go for designs which are too classic. This template will certainly suit brides and grooms who are going to have a non-traditional fall season event.

As you may notice, we sometimes add a Chinese touch to our designs. We have also done that in this design. In order to add a Chinese touch, we have added a double happiness symbol on the card. The symbol is on the “O” of the word “INVITATION”. It is true that your main theme may have nothing to do with Chinese style. If this is the case, we suggest you to download the JPG version of the this free wedding card template. This is because you will be able to remove double happiness symbol when you edit the file.

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