Blessing of New Spring - Free Wedding Invitation Template

Blessing of New Spring

blessing of new spring
Front & back side

A spring wedding can mean a lot to you and your fiance. Usually, spring is connected with the idea of fertility. And you will see a lot of flowers in spring. To this end, a spring wedding invitation will usually depict a flower.

As a result, we have design this free wedding invitation for your spring wedding ceremony. It can be considered a photo wedding invitation. However, the photo is not the picture of the bride and groom. It is a picture of a beautiful flower.

In the picture, the flower is going to bloom. This will of course match the main idea of a spring wedding. It also denote the notion of fertility at the same time. This idea is perfect for a wedding invitation. Besides, the color of the flower is pink. This color is always romantic. Your guests will certainly feel the romance when they see this elegant invitation.

The original design of this free template is a folded card. The flower will be printed in the card inside like a water mark. This means that you can just add your wording on the picture and your guests will be able to see the message clearly.

It is also possible for you to make this template to be a single panel card. It is easy to do so. You can just print the cover without printing the flower on the card inside. Instead, you just print the wording at the back of the card. Alternatively, you can also use the same design as the cover and make it a watermark at the back. The design is flexible and you should be able to make it to fit your requirements.

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  1. 983, the downloadable file is pdf, so it won’t allow editing and to put any text. How can I put my text in the back of the card with the watermark as the background? Can you send another editable file? I hope to hear back from you soon!! I am trying to send out the tea ceremony invite this month and this design is really beautiful so I hope this can work.

  2. I want to see another new design and the price as well.

    May Thu

  3. Hi,
    How much for 150 invites ?
    Also send me ny other new design and cost for the design

    Thanks ,

  4. hai i like your designs and the way u presented

  5. how much for 150 invites?

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    I love your design, its beautiful.

  7. Hi Cherryyan, quotation is sent to your email, please kindly check. Thanks!

  8. how many to 200 pieces ?

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