Until Death Do Us Apart – Halloween - Free Wedding Invitation Template

Are you looking for a free Halloween wedding invitation without elements such as pumpkins? This design will be perfect for you. It is just too common for us to think of putting pumpkins or images of skeleton and witches on the card. Couples certainly want to go for something different. This is why we create this free invitation card.

The main idea is that there is no “Normal” Halloween elements. Instead, we use colors to give the design a taste of Halloween. The couple on the card is blue in color. This gives a clue that they may be from “another world”. The hearts inside the cards are all black in color. This also gives the guests the idea of an October wedding.

Though it is a design for Halloween themed weddings, the design does not mean to be scary. In fact, we do not want to make the design look scary. We would like to make it fun and interesting. This is what we bore in mind when we drew the two cartoon characters on the card. We make the couple on the cover of the card look cute (they are blue in color, though). A red line ties the bride and the groom together. This line is not a normal straight line. It is in the shape of a heart so as to signify the love of the couple. This makes the design more romantic.


This free wedding invitation template is for folded card. You would personalize it with your names and wedding date. And for card inside, we zoom in the red string tie the couple together. Which not allow them to fall apart. They would be stay together until death do them apart.

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