Halloween Love at First Bite - Free Wedding Invitation Template

This is perfect for Halloween wedding invitation. Your guests will be able to see a lot of strange things in your wedding party! There are monsters during Halloween. There are also vampires who would bite people. The design of this template in fact comes to the idea of biting! Of course it is something full of love. “Love at First Bite” is just like “Love at First Sight”. You will certainly find this idea to mix the words “Bite” and “Sight” playful and interesting!

In fact, it is not common to use the image of lips to create a wedding card. It is mainly because an image of lips remind us the idea of being kissing. And of course kissing is a perfect symbol to represent the notion of love. This can also be something interesting to remind us of the bride. Now a pair of vampire teeth is added to the lips in this design. This idea makes the design stunning and unexpected. However, it is very true that a wedding invitation should not meant to be scary. As a result we try to present this idea with a cute and playful manner. You will not have any feeling of being scared when you see this pair of lips with the teeth. We also make the typeface of the word “LOVE” on the design playful. It is an informal yet stunning choice for your Hallowedding. If you are looking for an interesting and unusual invitation template for your Halloween event, you can consider using this design. Add your own wordings and contents to the design and make it more personalized now!

Love at First Bite Halloween Wedding Invitation

The deep purple background to create an elegant sense of the invitation card.

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