Snowflake in Love - Free Wedding Invitation Template

Christmas is a very romantic season. No couple will deny that it is perfect season for wedding ceremony. OK! You will also need a perfect wedding invitation for your romantic event. This invitation template is specially designed for you, and your unique Big Day!

Snowflake Wedding Invitation

When we talk about winter, we usually think about elements like snow or snowflake. Yes, it is common to use snowflake to design winter wedding invitations. As a result, we have designed this free template, with snowflakes as the main graphic elements, to suit the needs of your winter wedding. Beside the formal (or normal, maybe) snowflakes you will find in other similar designs, we have put the snowflakes on the trees. There are no leaves on the trees. It is because the leaves of the tress have become snowflakes! This is a really interesting idea.

You can see different types and shapes of snowflakes on the tree. You can also see the snow printed on the template. We do not make the background fancy. It is only a very simply light blue color. Wordings are also blue in color. This will create a cold atmosphere for the whole design. However, the names of the couple are red in color. This heats up the whole atmosphere and make the design, as well as your wedding, become warm and romantic. The design of this template will bring the atmosphere of Christmas season to your wedding invitation. An unusual snowflake, which is red in color, is put on the card to tie the names of the bride and groom together. This further express the idea of getting together and becoming one in winter.

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