Christmas Present My Dear - Free Wedding Invitation Template

The lovers are getting married on the Christmas Season. It is the most precious gift to the couple.

Xmas is a time for gifts. This is why the idea of a gift box has become the focus of this design. The gift box reminds your guests about the time of year you are having your event. It is a Christmas wedding and it will be extremely romantic and fantastic. (And this may also remind your guests of your wedding gifts =p).

There is a gift tag tied to the gift box in this template design. Double happiness character is on this gift tag. It is used to give the design a bit of Chinese touch. To make the gift tag even more elegant, we do not just use a simple double happiness character. We put a paper cutting design on the tag. Everyone will love this tag design. This makes the design of this invitation even more perfect if your are going to have a taste of Chinese theme for your event. It is true that an Xmas event with a bit of Chinese touch will be very wonderful. It is not difficult to personalize this invite. The background of the design is mainly white it color. This makes it easier for you to arrange the colors of wording. You can virtually print the wording in any color you want. Because the focus of this invitation should be the gift box, we do not make the font of the wordings fancy. We use very simple font so that we can ensure that the gift box is the main focus.

Christmas Present Wedding Invitation Template

Friends and relatives would also share the happiness of the couple. So, be sure to download this free wedding invitation template now and start personalizing it!

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