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When we invite our guests to the wedding, we want them to celebrate with us. We want to share the joy together. You want them to witness the most precious moment in our lives.

Celebrate with us Wedding Invitation Design

This is why we create this design. We do not make it very complicated. Instead, the design of this free wedding invitation template features an artistic writing “Celebrate with us”. So, these three words explain everything. Of course, this calligraphy design is to (literally) invite your friends and relatives to your wedding. To make the design look really good, the color of the word “CELEBRATE” is in gold color. It gives a more elegant feeling to the guests who receive the invites. The words “with us” are in simple black color. This configuration makes the word “CELEBRATE” stand out. Of course, you will put your names on the card. You do not make the typeface of the names too expressive. Instead, we have chosen a really simple font for the name. This is to further support the idea of making the word “CELEBRATE”. Other wordings are also of a very simple font. All these will help to make your wedding card more unique. Our advice is not to put too many wordings on the card. Something simple will be good enough. It will be elegant enough if the wordings are simple. The colors of wordings showing the details of your event are in black and dark red color.

Regarding the background, we do not use any patterns for that. We just use a plain color for the background. It is just a plain pale yellow color. This design will certainly suit you for your wonderful big day!

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