Beach Shell of Love - Free Wedding Invitation Template

In the ocean of love, there is a purple seashell with a heart!

Beach Shell of Love Wedding Invitation Template

The above idea is the main graphic element for this invitation. As a matter of fact, the colors used in this design are a bit different from what you can usually see from a beach wedding invitation. It is less common to see purple and pink colored beach wedding cards. This is why we have decided to give it a try. Purple color always bears a notion of romantic events. Of course it is also the same when it comes to the pink color. These two colors should be perfect for any wedding invites. Utilising these two colors as the main color scheme makes the design of this card totally unique and exquisite.

We do not make the design too complicated. It is just the seashell with heart mentioned above and the wordings. The names of couple are in shocking pink color so as to make them a promonent element on the wedding card design. Your names with the lovely purple shell can even become the main logo or icon of your event! Other wordings are in the same color of the seashell and heart so that the design can be unified. It will suit your needs if you want a less usual beach event invite. In fact, you should go for this design if you want something special. Do not settle at the conventional blue and yellow colored design! Remember, you deserve the most unique and special design. If you are really going to use your names and seashell as the main logo, you can make it a nice visual element for your whole wedding. Be sure to use it in all the other designs in this case!

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