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Couple be together side by side (You & Me)


Using traditional Chinese paper cutting pattern, this unique and elegant wedding invitation card is created. A husband and wife walking side by side together to symbolize the good fortune for the couple that they would stay together forever.

chinese wedding invitation - You & Me

The paper cutting pattern is in red color. Again, this is a Chinese color which means fortune. As discussed, the pattern is a blessing for the couple. The paper is pearlized white in color. An alternative to this white color base is yellowish gold color. This can be done on request.

Besides the paper cutting pattern signifying the bride and the groom, there is also a double happiness on the card. It is also red in color. The double happiness pattern is on the top while the other pattern is at the bottom. Usually, the wording or content of the wedding will be printed between these too patterns.

Invitation Specifications

Product No.: SC52288

Invitation: 3.6″ (W) x 9.4″(H) single card
Envelop: 3.9″ (W) x 9.8″ (H)

Paper Stock
Card: 300gsm Creamy color pearlised paper

Production Detail
Full color printing on ONE side (if a bilingual wedding card is need, it can be changed to full color printing on both sides)

1. R.S.V.P. card, place card, menu, church program & thank you card would be order with same design.
2. Return address would be printed on invitation and R.S.V.P. envelop on requested.
3. The design can be modified into a folded card if it is needed.

It is also possible to make a square invitation with this design. The wording will be printed at the back of the design. The size of it will become 150mm x 150mm. The names of the couple can be printed underneath the double happiness pattern. This will help you to personalize the invitation.

You & Me - In square shape
(The same design in the shape of a square.)


  1. Hi,
    Is it possible to get a sample of this product? Please provide a quote for 300 invitation cards with the red envelopes. I’m in Perth


  2. Hi there,

    Can I please have a quote for:-
    1. 120 invitations cards with red envelopes
    2. 180 place cards (please also provide their size)
    3. 18 food table menu (please also provide their size)

    I am in Melbourne, Australia. Please also let me know what’s the shipping fee & how long will take them to be ordered, made & delivered.

    Many Thanks

  3. Hi There,

    Could i have a quotes for 140 invitations
    does it include rsvp and envelopes?

  4. Hi

    Can u tell me if this design come in place cards and rsvp cards? Also how much it cost?

  5. Hello,

    May I have a price quote for 50 invitation cards with R.S.V.P cards, returned envelopes and 100 thank you cards?

    Is there additional cost if the invitation cards are printed in both Chinese and English?

    I am from the U.S. May you also provide me the shipping fee?




  6. looking at 100 invitation.
    I am located in KL, Malaysia.
    How much would this cost me?

  7. Hi, May I have the quotation of AI file for printing 200 invitations in only chinese language? I would like to print it in Taipei, Taiwan after getting your AI file if possible. Thank you.
    Ryder Chang

  8. Could you please quote how much the price for 100-150 invitations in bilingual english and chinese language complete with envelope? I am in Beijing China

  9. Hi,

    can you please quote me for 350 invitations in bilingual english and chinese complete with envelope? with or without thank you cards. to be shipped to malaysia or singapore, whichever cheaper?


  10. Hi,
    I love this card.
    Could you please quote how much the price for 100-150 invitations in bilingual english and chinese language complete with envelope? Also include the thank you cards. Need to be shipped to Malaysia.


  11. Can I have a quote for 125 invitations and envelopes PRINTED in both Cantonese and English? To be shipped to England U.K.

  12. Hey I was just wondering if it possible to make personalized weeding cards. If i send you guys a picture of how I want the cards. I need about 300 cards. Shipping to Norway also.

  13. hi there, please can you send me a quotation for 150 invites.

  14. Hi,

    Can you quote 50 cards with envelope? Do you ship to canada? – Are there 2 sides to the inner of the card (one side English and the other Chinese? If yes, pls send me pictures.


  15. Hello

    Can you send me a quote for 100 invites? Thanks.

  16. Hi

    Please send me a quote for 250 invites, thanks

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  18. Hi, can you send me the quotation for 150sets (card + envelope)? we can self pick up.


  19. Hi

    Can you tell me the price for 275 invitations (card+envelope) and place cards shipped to the UK?


  20. Hello, can you tell me how much this costs for 100 cards shipped to Sydney, Australia?

    Can you also send me pictures of the envelope, place cards, and the back of the card.

    Our wedding is on 8 Aug 2008. Can you ship it to us by early July?

    Thank you.

  21. Does this panel invitation come in other designs?

    Can you post some views of the front and back like the RSVP cards?


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