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Today, lots of couple decide to have beach wedding. Without any surprise, brides and grooms would like to make sure that the invites will be matching the beach theme. At the same time this invitation should be unique and special. Flip-flop wedding invitations can be a perfect option to this end.

flip-flop wedding invitations

As a matter of fact, it is not uncommon to opt for the idea of flip-flop invitations when it comes to a beach wedding. However, most people will just print a pair of flip-flop on the card. This may not suit couples who want something really exquisite.

As a result, we have created this design. Instead of printing it on the card, we have made a miniature of a pair of flip-flop. This is certainly a very exciting design. One of the unique feature of this design is that it is a 3-dimensional design. And it will look really like a gift. All the guests will be amazed when they see this invitation.

When your guests receive this beach wedding invitation, they will see a pair of lovely slippers with personalized text. Without any surprise, you will need to box to hold this 3-dimensional invitation. In order to create an unexpected sense, the package box will be not something very fancy. Yet, the story will be totally different when they open the box. The guests will see a beautiful beach in the box. The flip-flop wedding invitations are on the beach. Guests will love this lovely idea.

Invitation box and starfish
Flip-flip invitation on the beach

To make this beach invitation even more interesting and unique, you can put some starfish or seashell in the box. All these elements are related to the sea. Your guests will certainly know about your beach theme once they see the invitation.

You may wonder how it is possible to put all the wedding information on this design. In fact, the main invitation wording will be put at the bottom of each flip-flop. If it is needed to put more information, there are a few ways to do so. One of the ways is to put it on the “SEA” in the box. In this design, the SEA is print in the box while the sand are modeling sand. It will be quite impossible to add the information on the “SAND”.

Another way to add more information to this design is to put a few more inserts into the box. Alternatively, we can also design some kind of gift tags so that they can hold the information you need to tell your guests.