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Contemporary Red Color Chinese Wedding Invitations


We would like to introduce you a series of Chinese wedding invitations using traditional red color as the main color scheme. Red in Chinese is a color and symbol of celebration. The patterns printed on the cards are mainly paper cut patterns. With a twist in the proportions of the paper cut design, the patterns become elements which make the card to be a contemporary design.

Double Happiness Wedding Cards

For all these three designs, we apply the pattern of traditional Chinese symbol “double happiness” in different ways. For the first two designs (Product SP21001 and SP21002), the symbol is the main graphic element of this Chinese wedding invitation. The symbol is surrounded by beautiful paper cutting patterns to enhance the richness of the design. In the third design (Product SP21003), the main graphic element is the abstract floral pattern (mainly in red color). Yet, you will still see the double happiness symbol. It is located at the bottom of the design to bring a sense or happiness and celebration to the whole invitation card.

Red - symbol of celebration
Product No: SP21001

Red - a symbol of wedding celebration
Product No.: SP21002

Red - symbol of wedding celebration
Product No.: SP21003

The above three designs are unique and elegant. You can certainly choose one of them for your wedding. We can also change the color of the paper stock to off white pearlized color for you when it is requested.

Invitation Specifications
Invitation: 2.85″ (W) x 8.27″(H) when folded
Envelop: 3.35″ (W) x 8.86″ (H)

Paper Stock
Cover: 250gsm gold color paper
Insert: tracing paper / white gold pearlized color paper

Production Detail:
Cover and insert with full color printing on ONE side. With gold strings.

1. Return address would be printed on invitation and R.S.V.P. envelop on requested.
2. R.S.V.P. card, place card, menu, church program & thank you card would be order with same design.
3. The insert can be glued to the cover inside if white gold pearlized color paper is chosen for the insert.


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    Please give me a quote for 60-90 invitations.


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    Please give me a quote for 50 invitation,with envelops and without envelops. And If it had paper inside or what??? This order will ship to Jakarta-Indonesia. Thank You

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  5. Can you please give me a quote for 100 invitations? English only, but may need 2 sides of printing, shipping to UK? Envelopes and RSVP cards also. SP21001. thanks

  6. Quote for SP21001

    Can you please

    28 Invites for the wedding day with 28 RSVP cards with menu inserts

    25 invites for the wedding day after breakfast reception

    Also can you quote

    Thank-you card with Chinese characters ( 70 )


    Place Cards x 45

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    Quote for: Product No: SP21001
    Can I get a quote on for 50 invitations and 25 RSVP cards with RSVP envelopes? Both Chinese and English. Ship to US (zip #: 24060).


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    Product No.: SP21003
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    Delivery to Singapore

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