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Wedding Butterflies – A Blessing from Spring


Wedding Butterflies

This wedding card is featured with a pair of butterflies. In traditional Chinese culture a pair of butterflies signifies together for ever. This is in fact a blessing to the couples. It is also common to use butterflies in wedding of other cultures. The color of the butterflies are in red. This contrasts with the ivory color of the paper. The contrast can bring out the butterflies and make the image really stand out. Besides the butterflies, there are also cherry blossoms. They are also printed in red color in order to bring out a sense of unity of the design. The butterflies are flying around the cherry blossom. The couple is flying happily around the cherry blossom. The couple will be together for forever. This idea is really unique and romantic.

A small piece of rhinestone is put on each of the butterflies. The bling bling effect of them make the butterflies even more outstanding. Again, in order to bring out a sense of unity, the rhinestones are also in red in color. It is a simple but elegance Chinese wedding invitation to give your wedding an unique character.

Blessing from the Spring
(With two crystals on the butterfly make it more special.)

Invitation Specifications
Product No.: MC18011

Invitation: 8.27″ (W) x 4.33″(H) folded
Envelop: 9″ (W) x 4.72″ (H)

Paper Stock
Cover: 250gsm gold color paper mount with 250gsm CW white pearlise paper
Insert: 140gsm Freelife M. RED color paer

Production Detail
Cover mount with CW white pearlised paper with full color printing on one side, with two rhinestones glued on it.
Insert 140gsm Freelife M. Red color paper with gold color hot stamping (foil printing). Insert glued on card inside.

Return address would be printed on invitation and R.S.V.P. envelop on requested.

R.S.V.P. card, place card, menu, church program & thank you card would be order with same design.

Wedding Butterflies Place Card

Wedding Butterflies

Wedding Butterflies

A place card which matches the design of the invitation is also designed, we can even print the names of your guests on it. You can personalize the place card by putting the message you would like to say to the guests on the back of the card.


Wedding Butterflies Wedding Butterflies

There is also a optional RSVP card. Again, the design of it matches that of the wedding butterflies invitation. Your guests will certainly be amazed when they see this beautiful card.


  1. Hello, I really like this design. Can you please give me a quote for how much 180 invitations, 180 place cards, 20 menu and 180 church programs would cost? Also, how long will it take to get the order. Thank you very much!

  2. Hi, would like to find out how much would 80-100 invitations, RSVP, Thank you cards, and Place cards cost? Do you also have other things in this series? How much lead time do you need to ship to NJ?


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  5. Hello!

    I love the design but would like to get a sample of the invitations, RSVP and place cards.

    How can I arrange that?

  6. Hi again!

    I would like to know how much would it cost for the invitation itself with the above criteria but no rsvp

  7. Please provide a quote for 100 – 125 invitations together with RSVP cards and envelopes, text to be in both English and Chinese. I would like to also change the words “wedding celebration” to the names of the bride and groom and the date

    Please also advise the delivery time and cost for such an order to Canada? What is the insurance cost? Where do we pick up the cards ourselves in HK?

    Thanks very much.

  8. hi

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  9. Can you please give me a quote of 125 place card? Thanks!

  10. Hi,
    We need 80 invitations (+envelopes, RSVP cards, thank you cards and place cards); we need the card to be printed in Chinese mandarin and English; we live in Shanghai;
    If you could, please give us a quote for envelopes with and without a return address printed.

  11. Hi, i would like to ask how much it would be for 50 invites, 50 reply cards, 50 menu cards, and 100 name cards. Many thanks, Michelle

  12. Can you please send quote for 160 invites with rsvp cards, place cards etc. How long would it take to produce and ship to Toronto Canada?

  13. Hi,

    Do you have a minimum order quantity for the invitation cards and RSVP’s?

    Thank you!

  14. Can you please send me a quote for 150 invitations with RSVP and place cards? Delivery to NY, NY. How long is shipping, and can I please have a sample?

  15. hi,

    lovely cards, could you please give me a quote for 80 cards?
    And also please advise if there is anything printed on the inside/back cover of the card?


  16. good day!

    i am interested with this card? how much would it coat me for 50 invitation cards/rsvp/place cards?

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  17. Hello,
    I wanted to get a price quote for 70 invitations, 70 rsvp cards, and 140 place cards.

    Can the colors be customized?

    Thank you.

  18. I would like to get your quotation for invitation cards (100), rsvp cards (100) and place cards (80).

    Is it possible to view your actual sample before ordering?


  19. Is it possible to get a quote for 40 invitations for a wedding shower and not a wedding?

  20. can i have a quotation for 100 wedding invitation card with envelope. Thanks.



  23. I would like a price quote for 225 invitations plus all RSVP cards and envelopes printed with English. Please let me know ASAP because I am, unfortunately, running on a very tight schedule. Thank you very kindly in advance.

  24. please quote me for 200 invitations with RSVP card and both envelopes.
    will it cost me extra to print it in english and chinese?

  25. Hi – Can I please get a quote for 200 invitations, rsvp card, envelope?


  26. Hi, i would like to quote the price of this butterfly invitation. i need about 200. how long does it take to print and ship? can you please quote me the total price for the wedding invitations, rsvp card, and place card? thank you!


  27. Hi

    Please could you quote for 150 invitations in English and 100 place cards (with and without names printed). The Wedding Butterflies design, shipping to the UK.

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    could you please give me a quote for 100 pieces of wedding invitations (in english and mandarin)+ envelopes and RSVP card (postcard style). Shipment to Melbourne, Australia


  31. Re: Product No.: MC18011


    Could you please provide me with a quotation for 120 invitations & place cards? Are you able to send invitation samples?

    In addition, how much is the postage to Melb, Aust or London, UK.


  32. Re: Product No.: MC18011
    Can you please give me a quote for 60 quantity of; Wedding Invitations, Place cards, R.S.V.P cards with envelopes and, thank you cards in English and Chinese for delivery to Brisbane Australia.

  33. Hello-
    Can you please send me a quote for 25 cards.
    Also, can the text on the front of the cards be personalized?

  34. Hi,

    Can I get a quote for 300 invitations with envelopes?

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  35. Hi, kindly quote 200 invitation cards with envelopes in print chinese.

  36. Hi,

    Can you please send me a quote for 100 invites and rsvp cards.


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  39. Hello:

    I really like the two butterflies design. Are you able to send invitation samples?

    Could you please provide me with a quotation for 350 invitations & RSVPs?

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  40. Hi I was wondering if I could have a quote for about 75 invites

  41. These are so sweet, how much would 200 invites & 200 name cards cost?

  42. Hi,

    Could you please provide me with a quotation for 150 invitations + RSVPs, 200 church programs
    and 270 – 300 place cards in the same wedding butterflies design?

    I also have the following questions:

    – Can you please send me pictures of the church program + the invite inserts?
    – On the invite, can I change the ivory to red and inserts from red to ivory/gold instead?
    – On the front of the invite, can I change the “Wedding Celebration” wording to name of bride/groom + date of wedding instead?
    – Is there additional cost to have invite with one side english & one side chinese? Could you please send me a sample of what that looks like?
    – Does the price include envelopes and postage?
    – What is the lead time to receive the completed order?


  43. Hi, could you please share your quotation of 150 invitation cards and place cards? Do you have this design for church program?


  44. Hi,
    can you please quote 60 invitations and 60 church program?

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  46. Hello, I would like a quote for 250 invites please.

  47. Hi Phung, quotation is sent to your email. Please kindly check.

  48. Hello – Are you able to send invitation samples? We should like to see how it is layed-out.

    We are interested in the two butterflies. Can you please send us the cost for 250 invitations? (skpt05@gmail.com)

    Thank you,

  49. once again, i’d like to know if i can have this design in apple green, silver and white instead of red.

  50. how many to 200 pieces ?

  51. Hi Alison, quotation is sent to your email. Please contact us if you have not received it.

  52. Hello,

    I would love a quotation for these gorgeous invites (120) + rsvp cards (120) + place cards (180).

    Do you offer the possibility of seeing a sample before ordering?

    Thank you!

  53. Hi Lily, quotation has been sent to your email, please kindly check.

  54. Hi can I get a quote with this? I need chinese on one side and english on the other. Could I get a quote on RSVP cards and Place cards as well? Thanks..Would you happen to have a sample of one side chinese and one side english to allow me to see? Thanks

  55. Hi Helen,
    Yes, the text on the front of the card can be personalised. Please kindly advise the no. of cards you need so that we would you quotation. Thanks!

  56. Hello,
    I’m interested in getting the details and prices on this invitation set. Are we able to change the color of the card (the yellow part, not the red part) and are we able to change the text on the front of the card?
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  57. Hi Jennifer, Please kindly check email for quotation. Thanks!

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    Could I grab a copy of the prices for each item>

    Thankyou in advance

  59. Hi,

    I would like a quotation of this card. I would need approximately 175-200. I would need the inside of this card to have one side in english and one side in chinese. Does this include envelopes? Could we change the front side of the invitation and have it say the bride and grooms name and date instead of wedding invitation?

    Please also provide a quote for me for RSVP cards related to this style as I would love the place cards to be like the rsvp cards. I will only need one side sheet for RSVP card no folding necessary. Thank you

  60. Hi Christine,
    Quotation is sent to your email. Please contact us if you haven’t received it. Thanks!

  61. Hi Chuck, Quotation is sent to you. Please contact us if you haven’t received it. Thanks!

  62. Hi Vincci, quotation resend to you email account, please also check the junk mail folder. If you still have not receive the quotation, please kindly contact us at (852) 2832 7997 or through msn messenger: nine_eight_three@hotmail.com

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    I would like a quote. I sent email.


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  67. Hi Saranya, Quotation is sent to you. Please contact us if you haven’t received it. Thanks!

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  73. Hi, Lynn & Tara Connor,
    Reply sent to your email. Please kindly check and let’s us know if you haven’t receive it. Thanks!

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    Where can I buy them?


  76. Thanks very much! We will keep exploring new ideas and designs.

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