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The Most Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas You Should Know


Planning for your invites can be something difficult if you do not know the right ideas to do so. So, the question you will probably ask is how you can plan for your the invitations very easily. And there are usually some major issues you should think about. Without considering all these factors, getting a perfect and nice invite can be just next to impossible.

If you want something different for a wedding card, here are great, some may even regard as crazy, ideas that you can use for the cards. The suggestions here may ask you go to out of the traditional. But then again, it is your wedding and it is your call. Check the list out and see if your partner would agree to it.

How To Create Exquisite Invitations

To create invites which are totally unique, you must bring out the artist in you so that you can have the most special wedding invite ideas. Creativity is the key. Of course you will also try to get some design samples in order to get the inspirations. While you may take inspirations from different pre-made cards available in the market today, you are always challenged to make your own design and put a personal touch to your card.

Be sure to look at the many different design ideas from local stores and online bridal shops. Collect everything that you like and compare them side by side. Then, mix and match their themes and designs in order to come up with an extraordinary invitation card for your event. Let your imagination flow freely and you are sure to make something very beautiful.

You can customize your card like putting a photo of you and your partner. If you can paint or draw, why not create a hand-painted card for a more personalized touch? Indeed, that is going to be the most unique design anybody in town could have ever received.

Another factor you can consider to select a theme for your reception or ceremony and use it as the ideas for the invitation. Most couples simply choose a color for their motif. Others go out of the way to make their big day special like making it a garden theme, a beach theme, or a big church theme.

There are many other ways to make invitation cards aside from the ones suggested above. Always remember that many people tend to keep these cards as a souvenir of the reception. On that note, you must make sure that the wedding invitation card that you make is indeed worth keeping for a lifetime.

5 Essential Wedding Invitation Ideas

1. Wedding invitation video

Who says you have to use a card, an envelope, and a paper all the time? Instead of choosing which printers to consult, why not ask a video expert and an editor to make you the most unique wedding invitation in the world? While making a video to invite your friends and family to the big celebration means you can’t use it as a souvenir, it could definitely work beautifully to capture your guest’s attention.

This is a very interesting invitation video on Youtube:

2. Use games and puzzles

Have you ever thought of using puzzle design as your invite?

How about something out of the ordinary like a jigsaw puzzle-inspired design? Well, don’t give your guests a hard time making out the puzzle that they won’t get to the reception in time. Just a few puzzle pieces would do and not a hundred even if you’re tempted. This suggestion would require great care and planning. But this is also one of the most unique wedding invitation ideas.

3. Stray from the usual

message in a bottle
A bottle can be used as a unique container for the invitations.

How about instead of using an envelop you use a small bottle to contain your invite message like a message-in-a-bottle kind of stuff? Or maybe you can get the invites printed on a scroll and tie it neatly with a ribbon. You can also send it with a bouquet of flowers, a bear, or even in a box of chocolates. Let your imagination take over and see how creative you can get.

4. Try originals

Instead of picking wordings for your invitations over the internet or somewhere else, create something out of your own. Let your heart speak and listen to it. Write an original poem, a song, or even your own love story on the wedding invites and use those for wordings. Even if you’re sending the traditional card and envelop invites to your family and friends, they wouldn’t doubt that what they have in their hands is indeed one of a kind.

5. Use embellishments

There’s nothing to give your unique wedding card a special feel other than a ribbon, a gold trimming, a button, or even your own picture in it. If you want, you can even add a shell for beach weddings, a lace for church weddings, or a flower for garden weddings. It may not be much but these small things can definitely make your invitation special, attractive, and very different from what you normally see at the stores. As a matter of fact, the use of embellishments is the essence when it comes to diy or handmade wedding invitation ideas.

These suggestions can definitely help you come up with a nice set of unique wedding invitations for the grandest day of your life. Be sure that you consider your options well, and not just go for the most novel way to invite your family and friends to the big event.

We are aiming at providing brides and grooms with the best and unique invitation Ideas. Besides all the above tips, there are also other tips for you to make your invites special. You will be able to get the best invitation cards for your wedding with all these ideas:

More Ideas To Make The Wedding Invites Unique:

Always Go For The Best Invite

With the above ideas and information, searching for the best wedding card will not be difficult. Remember, the above are some general guidelines you have to think about. You will probably have to consider your own situation and wedding invitation ideas before you can order or create your own wedding invites.

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