Do Wedding Invitations Have to be Handwritten?


The true beauty of a wedding is found in the intricate little details that molds together with each other to work perfectly towards projecting the right theme and ambiance you want your wedding to set, while also making sure that all the people involved in your special occasion feels your love and gratitude you hold for them.

There are many key elements that a lot of brides spend months perfecting- wedding dress, location, theme etc. What a lot of them overlook (or rather underestimate the importance of) is the wedding invitation.

From afar, these might look simple to put together, but once you take a closer look you realize the details and planning it takes to make the perfect invitation. A blaring question that a lot of brides seem to have is whether the wedding invitations need to be handwritten. With this article, we will look at just that!

But before we begin, remember that wedding invitation is often where the magic begins for your guests. Once they open that envelope, what they see will set the scene for the final day.

Do the invitations need to be Handwritten?

handwritten invitationsBy invitations we mean the wedding invitation itself, as well as the other things like reception cards or the wedding response cards. Do they have to be handwritten? In short, No. . Reasons? There are a couple:
The size factor- Even for an average size guest list of 100- 150 guests, handwriting an invitation word by word can be extremely time consuming and, in most cases, not practical either. Making sure that each word written on the luxurious paper is readable and without errors, while still pleasing to the eyes is hard, unless you are a professional. Even one mistake, or an accidental marking can cause you to return to another blank paper that was expensive to buy in the first place.

It is not impossible, but why hand write your invitation when there are more resourceful- both financially and practically- available worldwide?

The umbrella factor- There are so many options available when it comes to ordering your wedding invitations from a professional wedding stationer. With the wide variety of choices available, you can easily put back the “personal touch” in an invitation “written” by technology. By getting your invitations professionally done, you will have so much more flexibility. You can personalize it any way you want, from choosing the right color that reflects your wedding’s theme perfectly to picking the right style of paper that goes with your wedding style- be it classic, modern or glam. You can even decide on the size of the invitation card. If you want to veer way from the traditional rectangular card, there are many other options available.

And then comes the font. There are a variety of options available when it comes to how you want the words printed out. You can pick the style , color and even the size of the font. With the amount of options available no compromising will be necessary when it comes to readability and aesthetics.

What About the Envelope Addressing?

hand addressingLong before there were computers or even type writers, hand was the only tool used for any sort of penmanship. Although the process was tedious and laborious, every invitation was addressed individually, and to the guests it spoke volumes. Over the years, with competitive presentations and everyone trying to outdo the others, it became such a grand affair. The more elegant the invitation looked, the more praise you got. It soon became equated to social class and prestige. Typing out the address made it look cheap. In families, where no one was blessed with perfect handwriting, the brides took it upon themselves to learn calligraphy (a perfect way to lure the eyes!). Some even hired professionals to write it for them. This act was not looked down upon because the address was handwritten anyways.

This tradition of handwriting addresses has now become an etiquette. It is common to hear arguments saying no one reads invitations. But the truth is, when addressed with love, warmth and real ink, that invitation will be saved. Remember, the envelope that encloses all the info about your special day, is something they would remember you by forever. Even if you are not a calligraphic master, hand addressing the invitations shows thoughtfulness and gratitude, something a pre-printed label doesn’t.
A hand addressed envelope conveys a message of celebration and togetherness, and a pre-printed label coveys work.

If you have an extremely lousy writing, ask your fiancee, Made of honor, friends or family members to help. You can even hire a calligrapher, but know that they will be expensive, but at the same time you will get some of the most exquisite art that your guests will cherish. Another option? Call a hard addressing service. You get beautiful hand addressed invitations at a fraction of price.

Wedding Thank You Cards? Handwritten or Typed?

thank youHandwritten! This is the answer to the question “do thank you cards have to be handwritten”. After the celebrations are over, it can seem like a daunting task to hand write over 100 thank you cards. But nothing exudes the perfect feeling of gratitude to your guest, who not only made time to join you for your ceremony but also took time and brought a gift, than a penned thank you note. Purchase blank thank you cards with pre-printed graphics that complements your personality, and write the note. This task is perfect to do as a couple. Instead of a simple “thank you for your gift”, it is very important to acknowledge the gift and talk about how much you appreciate it. Hand writing a thank you card is the least you can do when it comes to showing thankfulness to your guests.

I hope this article successfully answered your question. Remember, crafting the wedding invitations and thank you cards are a crucial element to any wedding. Don’t ignore it or push it to the last minute. It is a medium through which you invite the guests to be a part of the day that celebrates your love. Give it the attention it deserves.

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