DIY Wedding Wax Seals


A special Wedding Wax Seal is a great way to make your invitation envelope unique. There are various websites where you could find the images of the wedding invitation envelope wax seals. They could be in various forms and colors and you can pick your favorite design and make the envelope unique.

With sealing wax, you could etch a monogram of your personal feelings and instill an element of your emotions in it. In addition, it is not necessary that you use them for sealing the envelope. You could even use them in different ways for decoration or any other purpose. Well, for the starters you could put them on the gifts you want to give to your special ones or you can use them for decorating other objects as well.

Wedding Wax Seals

DIY Wax SealIn the market, there are different products that you could find useful. Some of them have been mentioned below:

Interchangeable Stamps

Now, what you can actually do is to buy a seal gilding paste and gun, as well as a couple of different monogram impressions. With these different monogram impressions, you can put seals of different designs on the wedding invitation envelopes. This will give a feeling of importance to your loved ones. For example, you could put any ordinary designed seals on the envelope. For close friends, you could use a rather personal type of design.

Self Adhesive Monogram

There are many different self-adhesive seals in the market, which come in different designs. If you have a large number of invitations to be sent, then you can use them. You can save a lot of time to this end.

Brass Monogram

If you want to give the invitation envelope a classy look then you can use these brass monogram seals. However, they would cost you a little more.

Use The Seal To Make The Invitation Envelopes Unique

If you are creative then there won’t be much problem for you to use the seals for the wedding invitation envelopes. Otherwise, there are a number of different ideas on internet for using them. Browse through different images and you will surely get an idea or two, which will strike your mind.
In addition, you don’t have to use just circular designs. You can experiment with different shapes as well. You could apply star shaped, oval shaped or even diamond shaped DIY wedding wax seals on the envelopes. Colors galore and you could experiment with different colors too! It is totally possible for you to adapt a multicolor design. For the design, you could use the hologram with the initials of you and your partner. In addition, using a heart shaped hologram is not a bad idea either. You can even get custom build holograms on demand.

All you need is to use your heart and you could easily make a seal design, which will make your wedding invitation cards unique.

How To Make DIY Wax Seals

Now, you may also wonder how it is possible for you to make the seal. Without any surprise, it will be technically quite impossible for you to make the stamp yourself. You may need to purchase one or order a personalized one. In this case, you will put your wedding monogram on the stamps. Remember, this is always a good idea to make such a stamp. This is because you can personalize your wedding stationery very easily with the stamp.

In fact, it is not difficult to work with the sealing wax. However, there are something you must remember. You need to do it carefully. It can be difficult for you to control the shape of it when you try to make it the first time. You may need to take some time to practice before you make the real one. Another trick you have to keep in mind is that you need to wait for a while before removing the stamp. You need to wait until the wax cools before you remove the stamp. Otherwise the wax may just stick on the stamp when you pull it out. Remember these tips will certainly make your life a lot easier!

You may still be a be confused on how you can do the above ideas and tips. Here is a video we create to show the process of doing it. You can get more ideas by viewing this video.

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