Rehearsal Dinner Invitations


Brides and grooms will usually have a rehearsal dinner before the actual wedding. The idea of having the this dinner is that you will thank all the people who help in your wedding in advance. They help you to make your dream come true. Traditionally, the parents of the groom will host this dinner. Yet, this may not be the case nowadays. Couples will consider hosting this diner themselves.

You may want to know the etiquette associated with the dinner, as well as the invites. In fact, there is no fixed rule you have to follow. Usually, such an event is usually more informal, sometimes casual. You will want to enjoy the time with your friends and family members during the dinner. There is no point to make it too formal. In fact, there are brides and grooms who will opt for having a small party at home, or even a barbecue party. When it comes to the rehearsal dinner invitations, not many couples really know how they can plan for them. Let us discuss about this issue now.

Tips Of Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Etiquette of the Invitations

As discussed, the dinner is usually informal. However, it will still a good idea to consider the etiquette of the invitations. You have to do it properly at the end of the day. Some brides and grooms will only invite the family and their close friends to this dinner. As a result, it should be an intimate event before your wedding. Yet, it is important to understand that this is not a rule. There are also couples who will try to have a really big party. They will invite as many people as they can find on the guests list. Of course you may not really want to have a big party. In this case, you can host a small cocktail party. This will be good for guests who come from other towns or locations. They will not feel lonely if they arrive early for your wedding.

Choosing the invitations

You should probably understand the associated etiquette of the invites now. Let us discuss how you choose the invitation for your rehearsal dinner. You do not need to spend a lot of money on these cards. You do not need to take it as the main wedding cards. As long as it can deliver your message to your guests, a simple and small card will certainly be very excellent. You can even print your own invitations. There are a lot of places which will provide free wedding card templates. You may also find rehearsal invitation templates from these sites. If you are doing so, you do not need to spend a lot of money. You will only have to consider the costs of ink and paper stocks. Of course it is not a must to use the computer to print the cards. You can also get some nice paper stock and write on the cards, though it will be better to find a calligrapher to help in this case.

Wordings of the invitations

No matter what kind of invitation it is, you need to pay attention to the rehearsal dinner invitation wording. As in the case of your wedding invites, you will have to include all the information such as the date, time and venue of the event. Other than that, you do not need to make the wordings to formal. You can consider some informal wording to this end. This will also give your guests a casual feel so that they will not treat the dinner as a formal event.

When to send the invitations

It is true that a lot of brides and grooms will have such a question. They do not know when they should send the invites. Usually, it will be good if you can send them 2 to 4 weeks before the dinner or party. You should only send this invitation after you have sent the main wedding invites. This is important when you consider the proper etiquette. There is also a practical issue here. If you send the rehearsal invitation with your main invite, your guests may get confused about the events. As a result, you are always suggested to send them separately. You may also need a RSVP card. You should send it with the invitation so that your guests can reply if they are able to come to your dinner or not!

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