How To Personalize Your Wedding Shower Invitations


Usually, a shower is mainly for your closest friends. Of course your family members will also be invited. You should try to make your invites memorable. You need to create unique wedding shower invitations. To this end, you should discover the ways to personalize them.

In fact, there are quite a number of ways when it comes to the idea of personalizing the invites for your bridal shower party. Let us discuss various possibilities now.

Personalizing Your Wedding Shower Invitations

Invitations With Your Pictures

Add your own photo
You can add your own photo to the invites in order to personalize it.

One of the easiest ways to personalize the cards is to add a picture. This is because your guests will immediately know it is your wedding shower when they see the picture(s) on the invitation.

Choosing the pictures with the greatest care is the key. By choosing good pictures, the couple’s shower invitations will deliver great and nice impression to the guests. You can try to pick a photo you love. Without any surprise, you can choose a picture of your fiance and you. If most guests are your family members, you may even consider the idea of picking a picture of wedding shower of your mother. Your family members will certainly remember the old days.

Now, let us discuss how the pictures should be added to the invites. There are two ways to put the pictures to the cards. One of them is to print it directly on the cards. Another way is to print it on photo paper and attach it to the card. Both methods can be very good. You may need to go for offset printing if you go for the former method. It is usually more expensive when you print the pictures directly on the invitation cards.

Your Own Touch

Adding your own touch is another way to personalize your invites. It is common to tie a ribbon to it. Of course this is not your only option. Adding some embellishments to the invitations can really help. The main idea behind is to add some handmade touch to the cards. You can visit your local stores to see if you can get any materials or embellishments to add your own touch to the cards.

You can add your own touch be adding some handmade elements on the invites. Yet, there is also another idea here. You can write your own message and print it on the card. It is not uncommon to print one unique message for each guest. The only thing is that you will need to spend some time to think about the messages.

Paper Selection

The selection of paper for your wedding bridal shower invitation will also be something important. You will need to let the cards express your personalities. The color of the paper stock will certainly help. You can choose a color which can reflect you. Be sure to consider the thickness of the paper stock very carefully. It is usually good to have something thicker if you are going to have a single card. If you are an advocate of environmental protection, it will be even more important to pick the paper stock carefully. You may want to go for some 100% recycled paper so that you can make it more environmental friendly.

Remember, you have to be creative in order to personalize your invitations. If you can spend some time on doing so, it will not be difficult to make them really unique!

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