5 Tips to Plan your Wedding Thank You Cards


You have been spending a lot of time to plan for your wedding. The event was wonderful and you had a very sweet and romantic moments with you guests. The experience is just excellent. Now, you would like to say “Thank You” to your guests. Without any surprise, the wedding favors are something essential to this end. This is why it is so vital that you will spend a lot of time on searching for these gifts. On the other hand, it will also be important for you to find some thank you cards.

Tips to Plan and Choose Wedding Thank You Cards

Usually, you will start thinking about these cards when you are searching for your invitations. This is because you would like to make it a whole set of wedding stationery. It will be a good idea to make the design of them to be in line with the main invite. This will help to make your guests to remember the event. You do not need to order a very big card. A small one will work well. You should have taken a lot of pictures with your guests in your wedding. To this end, you can send these pictures with a personal note or message to your guests.

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1. Etiquette Of Writing The Cards

There are a lot to consider when you write the thank you notes. You need to express your appreciation to your guests. It has to be sincere. And you also need talk about the gifts from your guests. As a matter of fact, there is some etiquette associated. Let us discuss more about the etiquette here.

2. Pre-printed Cards

write the thank you note yourself
It is important that you write your own thank you note to your guests

There are a lot of pre-printed cards you can find in the market. There is nothing wrong when you use these cards. However, you should never send them to your guests without writing your own personal message. Even it is only a short sentence, you will need to have a handwritten note. This is the way for you to express your sincerity. Your guests can feel it when they see your handwritten note. For the pre-printed ones, it is usual that only the words “Thank You” are printed. This will be a good option. You can make semi DIY cards to this end. You will write your notes along with the printed words. In order to write the note, you can read some wording samples. It is not difficult for you to find these examples on the web.

3. Thank Your Friends And Family Members Who Help

There are a lot of friends and family members who have helped you to plan for the wedding. They might have also helped you to arrange the bridal shower party. Remember to thank for their help when you write your personal note. Of course you will also thank for their gifts at the same time.

4. A Wedding Thank You Card For Each Gift

Some guests may send you more than one gift. For instance, a guest may send you a gift for your shower party. The same guest may send you another gift for your wedding. To this end, you will have to send two thank you notes to this guest. You need to send the first one after your bridal shower. After you come back from your honeymoon, you will send another note for the other gift you have received.

5. Address of your New Home

You may move to a new home after your wedding. In this case, you should put your new address on the cards. Your guests will love to know your new address.

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