Destination Wedding Invitation Wording


Without any surprise, you will want some examples of wordings for your wonderful destination event. In fact, it is not something complicated. Here is an example for you:

Destination Wedding Invitation Wording Samples

Example 1

Miranda Copper
Bosco King
Are getting married
in a sunset ceremony
in Bali
Please join them for a
wedding celebration
Sunday, the twenty-first of August
two thousand eleven
Resort Bali
Laksmana, Bali

Example 2

Met in Japan
Fell in love in Japan
United in love in Japan …
Please join us as we
Jennifer White
Jacky Lewis
join our lives in marriage
on 22 July 2013 at 5pm
Aenoka Church
Toyko, Japan

Example 3

At sunrise in Guam
Queenie Lee
James Morris
join hands in marriage
You are invited
to join the celebration
on 20 July 2011
at 10pm
Crystal Chapel

Example 4

It all begins at Twilight
but be prepared to stay the night!
Alice Campbell
David Rogers
invite you to share
the beginning of their new life
when they exchange marriage vows
on Sunday, the fifth of August
at 10am
two thousand twelve
Loving Couple Resort
Phuket, Thailand
Dress code: swimming suit

*The names, dates and venue addresses are made up for illustration purposes only.

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Without any surprise, the above will be consider something relatively informal. Yet, it should be good enough when a destination wedding is concerned. Besides this sample, there are also some considerations while you are planning for the wordings of your destination wedding invitations. Let us discuss more in detail now.

Banking on Your Creativity for the Right Destination Wedding Invitation Wording

Choosing the right look and feel of an invitation card for that rare occasion like a wedding is no longer the hassle that it used to. No need to re-invent the well, so to speak, or hire the services of an art agency for the purpose. This can also be one of the services in a nuptial package offered by wedding consultants so the couples need not be bothered with the details of keeping the wedding smooth and a memorable moment for the guests, the families and the couple.

Your Thematic Choices

A simple online search on wedding invitations will turn up hundreds of sites that offer a wide array of designs under various themes for wedding card designs. There are designs themes for the seasons of the year or the closest holidays to represent the time of your wedding. There are designs falling under such thematic categories as cartoons, historic times like Baroque, Victorian, Colonial, etc., as well as nature, hobbies, movies and culinary specialties around the world.

But some of the most popular themes revolve around destinations and landmarks around the world. They include such picture perfect sites like the Roman Coliseum, the pyramids of Egypt, the game preserves of Africa, the waterfalls of Niagara, the monuments and edifices of history EU countries, the pristine beaches of tropical islands and the throbbing nightlife of many cities. Each deign motif can aptly represent the location of your wedding or where the couples come from. Or it can be a tease on where the honeymoon will be held.

Choosing the Right Destination Wedding Invitation Wording

Whichever destination motifs you choose, the next thing to consider are the invitation wordings. Many online wedding invitation choices are simple. After choosing invite design, you simply fill out the form to personalize the card with the relevant details we’ve come to expect in a wedding invite – names and places for the church and banquet, along with the sponsors and the time and date.

Once done, the online site generates the final wedding invites and you only need to click you approval to prompt the payment for printing and shipping. Many sites also ask for the kind of paper to be used or if there’s any die-cutting to be done. And that’s all there is to it.

But most sites will prompt you for the exact invitation wording you want to put on the invite rather than making it form-driven. This gives you greater creative latitude to personalize the invite as you would not only put the details but compose the sentences yourself.

Like with other themes, destination wedding invitation wordings typically start with the header like: “You are cordially invited to be part of the celebration uniting the hearts of A and B.” The wordings often depend on who is inviting. The example is a dispassionate 3rd person doing the invite but it could be the parents of the groom or bride like “We, the parents of A and B request your presence to grace their conjugal union this Sunday….” The wording variations are as rich as your creative writing abilities can deliver. Then again, you may want to hire a veteran writer for the purpose.

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