Beach Wedding Invitation Wording


The invitations wordings for your beach wedding can be very flexible. In fact, you do not need to make it something formal. Such an event is usually something informal at the end of the day. Yet, you can still make the wordings formal if you really want to do so. There are some ideas and tips you should know in order to write the contents of the cards. First of all, let us take a look at a few beach wedding invitation wording examples.

Beach Wedding Invitation Wording Examples

Formal Wordings

Verse A

we wrote our names in the sand,
and the waves washed them away,
so we will write them in our hearts,
and there they will stay.
Miss Amy Thomas and Mr. Jimmy White
Request the pleasure of


at their beach wedding
on the nineteenth of August
two thousand twelve
at four o’clock
Beauty Alana Resort
Alana Beach, Bali
reception to follow
Beach Restaurant, Beauty Alana Resort


Verse B

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Benny Hall
request the honor of your presence
At the seaside marriage of their children
Salina and Dominic
on the fifteenth of July
two thousand and ten
at five o’clock
at The Harbor Resort,
Corina Beach
Panama City, FL

More Informal Examples

Verse C

Emma Garcia
Alexander Jackson
invite you
to celebrate our union
overlooking the blue waters
On Saturday, 17 July 2011 at 4pm
Beauty Beach
Bali, Indonesia

Verse D

They cast their lines
Into the sea of love,
And they both hooked a keeper!
Elana Martinez
Peter Walker
invite you to share in the joy
when they exchange marriage vows
on Sunday, 31 July 2011 at 3pm
Two hearts will unite
under the sunshine
Royal Honey Resort
Honey Beach
Kauai, Hawaii

Verse E

A beautiful beach
A clear blue sky
A love united
With waves crashing nearby
Helen Robinson
Brian Allen
on 20 August 2014 at 5pm
Lovers Beach
Panama City, FL

Verse F

A beach with a beautiful sun
Two hearts become one
Please join us on the sand
Jane Carter
Raymond Turner
invite you to share in the joy
when they exchange marriage vows
and begin their new life together
on 18 Jun 2010 at 11am
Beauty Lovers Resort
Dream Beach
Bali, Indonesia

*The names, dates and venue addresses are made up for illustration purposes only.

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The above are some of the ideas and example you can consider for your beach wedding invitation wordings. You can certainly create your own wording to this end. It is always said that writing the invitations for the beach wedding is just like writing a poet. Yes, it is very true that you should try to express your true feelings while you are writing the invitation cards.

How To Write Your Own Invitation Wording

Your Personality

First of all, your personality is an important point to consider when creating your beach wedding invitations wording. Your should try to create the wordings in a way that they will reflect your own personalities. In fact, this does not only apply to the wordings. It is also important for you to show your personalities in the design of the beach theme wedding invitations. By doing this you will be able to make the design original.

Information To Be Included

Remember, as long as you can include all the information of your event, your wording will be good enough. As a result, there is no such thing as wrong wordings. Yes, it is true that you may need to think about some etiquette. However, this should never some something very important if you want to create a relatively informal card. You can refer back to the above samples for some formal expressions of the wording.

Phrases About Beach

It is important that you will add some phrases which are related to the idea of sunshine, sea, and beach. This will be good if you can add such phrases at the beginning of the wordings of your beach wedding invitations. The words “sand” and “sea” are extensively used in this kind of wedding invitation cards.

Fonts And Typefaces

The fonts are important while you are designing the cards. Though this may not be directly related to the invitation wording, they are somehow correlated. The is no restriction when it comes to the typefaces or fonts. You can choose any font you want. There are brides and grooms who love to use fonts which are funny and relaxing. This will reflect the idea of being informal of the beach wedding.

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