Wedding Thank You Card Wording Samples


There are a lot of occasions that we would like to say thank you to the others. In fact, one of the ways to do it is to formally write a note to the person you want to thank. This is especially true for the guests of your wedding. You can write a personal note to your guests in order to express your appreciation for your guests to come to your event. However, a lot of brides and grooms do not know how they can write the notes. To this end, you will need to read some wedding thank you card wording samples.

Wedding Thank You Card Wording Samples

Sample Verse A


We love your gift!

It is beautiful!!!!!!

How thoughtful of you to give
us such a lovely treasure
and share the joy with us in our wedding.

Thank you very much!

Love and kisses,
Amy and David

Sample Verse B


You have enriched our joy and happiness
with you gift. It is very lovely.

Thank you for joining our wedding
and giving us such a lasting memory.

Tammy and Keith

Sample Verse C


This brings our sincere thanks
for the gift you sent us.

I would like to say the gift is lovely.

We would also like to tell you
how much it meant to us.

Kathie and Louise

Sample Verse D


Thank you so much
for your presence in our wedding.

We would also like to thank you
for your most generous gift

for our new lives

Yuki and David

Sample Verse E


Thank you for the gorgeous (Name The Gift)!

It is very beautiful and
we were both touched that you gave us this lovely gift.

It was wonderful to see you on our big day. I can’t wait to tell you about our honeymoon and new life.

With love,
Macy and Frank

Sample Verse F


Our wedding would never have been a complete one
without the support from you.

We sincerely thank you for sharing our happiness and joy

We would also like to thank you for being a part of our new lives!

With love,
Kitty and Stephen

*The names, dates and venue addresses are made up for illustration purposes only.

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The above are some samples of wording for your reference. Remember, you should try to write it from your heart. There is why there is no fixed rule about the wording. It will be good enough if you really try to express your appreciation with the thank you note. Besides, there are also some tips and ideas you should remember.

Other Ideas About Thank You Card Wording

Usually, you will not want to make the note too short. As a simple rule of thumb, you can make it at least three sentences. Your guests may not really be able to feel your sincere if it is too short.

Without any surprise, you will probably order the thank you cards when you order the main invitations. Yes, ordering all the stationery is always a good option. There are brides and grooms who may ask the vendor to print the notes on the cards. You should never do it. There is no point to pre-print the messages on the cards. You should try to write them yourself after your reception.

In most cases, you will want to thank the guests for their presences on your big day, as well as the gifts they sent to you. You should try to mention the gift they have given you. This will make the thank you card more intimate.

Of course the wedding thank you card wording is very important. It is also essential to send the cards to your guests at the right time. Do not wait too long! Usually, it will be good if you can send the card to the guests a month after your event. There is no point for you to send the card to a guests a year after you have received the wedding gift.

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