Wedding Announcement Wording Samples


The wedding announcements are certainly a must of your wedding. Usually, you will send the invitations to invite guests to your ceremony and reception. At the same time, announcement cards will be sent to those who are not invited. You do not need to make the cards complicated. The wording can also be something simple.

Wedding Announcement Wording Examples

Verse A

Mr. and Mrs. Derek Lee
are pleased to announce the marriage of their daughter


on Saturday, the twelfth of July
two thousand fourteen

Forever Hotel

Verse B

Kitty Harris
Tony White

have the honor of announcing
their marriage

on twentieth of May
two thousand sixteen

Every Season Hotel

As you can see from the above examples, the wording of the announcements can be very simple. The above wording samples are considered something more formal. In fact, you do not need to make them too formal. It is possible to make it more casual. Here are some examples.

Verse C

It’s been a busy but sweet day for us!

We were married on
May 18, 2017

We will begin our new life in our new home:
83, 7th Avenue,
Aerial Acres, CA 93523

Amy and Bobby

Verse D

Because you are our good friends
we thought you’d like to know
that we got married!

Kate Johnson
Willey Miller

tied the knot
on March 18, 2017

Puppy Love Beach

Verse E

We announce with joy that on
November 20, 2019
We united our hearts and
jointed our families
in Lovely Beach in a
private ceremony

Jenny and James

Verse F

We are pleased to announced with joy that
We tied the knot
on April 18, 2018

The ceremony was small
and we could not invite all our beloved ones

But we really missed you on our special date

Jennifer and Wallace

*The names, dates and venue addresses are made up for illustration purposes only.
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Wording of Wedding Announcements – The Basics

You can make the message on your announcement card personal. This is why you can make it quite casual. However, there are also some basics you have to include. Depending on the tone and formality of your cards, different types of information will need to be included. If your parents are going to announce the event, their names have to be mentioned. Some couples may decide to include the address of their new home. At the same time, there is information that must be included. It is a must to put your names and wedding date on the card.

When you prepare the wording for your invitations, you will usually include the detailed address of your wedding venue. Yet, you do not need to be so detailed for the wording of your announcement card. People who receive the cards are not invited. As a result, you do not really need to include the detailed address of the venue. If your wedding is a destination wedding, you may only need to let your friends know the destination. You do not even need to tell them the name of the resort or chapel in this case.

Some More Tips About Your Announcement Cards

Your friends may still send you gifts although they are not invited to your wedding. They may send you the gifts even before you send them the announcement cards. In this case, you can write some thank you notes on these cards. These means that the announcements will also be thank you cards. You may have to blend the wedding announcement wording with your thank you message. Alternatively, you can also have your separated thank you message handwritten on the cards. If your friends send you the gifts after they receive the cards, you will send them thank you cards as soon as you get the gifts.

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