Unique Beach Wedding Invitations


A beach themed wedding is certainly a one of a kind event in your life. Yes, such kind of event is always unique and special. In order to make the event complete, it is always important to spend a lot of time on the wedding planning work. In fact, your event will never be complete without unique beach wedding invitations.

Without any surprise, there can be tons of choices when it comes to various invitation design for your beach event. Let us discuss some of the creative designs and ideas you may consider when you are planning for this wonderful event.

Creating The Beach Theme Wedding Invitations

There are various ways for you to express the idea of beach. You can glued some sand on the card. You can make the invite interesting. You can even make the invitations 3-dimensional. One of the ideas will be flip-flop wedding invitations. To go one step further, you can even make it a box which contains some sand and seashells. Your guests will remember your wedding, as well as your beach theme wedding invitations for years if you can really do so.

5 Ideas Of Unique Beach Wedding Invitations

1. Passport Design

passport designThe idea of passport is perfect if you are going to have a destination wedding. In fact, there are a lot of brides and grooms who choose to have a beach event in places such as Bali. It is a destination event at the end of the day. To this end, the idea of passport invitations will be perfect for your event. Of course you will print your pictures on the invitation card so that you can make it more unique.

2. Glass Bottle Style

message in a bottle designMessage in a bottle wedding invites will be perfect for beach themed wedding. You may think that this is not related to this theme. This is not really true. The idea here is that you may find a lot of bottles on the beach. And there can be love messages in the bottle. You may even put some sand in the bottle so that it will match the theme even better. If it is possible, you can try to collect the actual bottles on a beach. Of course this will only be a feasible option if you only need 10 to 15 invitations.

3. Seashells and Starfish

seashell and starfishIt is common to use seashells and starfish when brides and grooms are designing the unique beach wedding invitations. Yes, these elements are heavily linked to the idea of being on the beach. It is very common to have starfish invites to this end. This is in fact a very popular option when it comes to your actual design of your invites. You can find a lot of such designs on the web. Alternatively, there are also brides and grooms who will considering using some embellishments which are in the forms of starfish or seashells.

4. Flip-flop Design

flip-flop ideaIf you try to search for ideas of beach wedding invitation cards on the web, you will certainly see a lot of flip-flop designs. Yes, flip-flop designs are very perfect for the beach theme. This is because most of us will be put a pair of flip-flops on and walk on the beach. There are a few ways to execute this design concept. You can consider print a pair on the invitation. To make it even more interesting, you can get some miniatures of flip-flops and take them as the invitations. You need to consider your budget before making the choice.

5. Beach Chair

beach chairIt is of course very common for us to see beach chairs on the beach. As a result, this idea will also be adapted when it comes to your invitation design. Printing such a chair on your invite can be a very good option. It will not be difficult for you to find some pictures of the chairs and print them on the cards.

A Video Beach Themed Invitations

Of course your beach invite needs not to be a printed card. They can do a CD invite with a video of the couple complete with an entertainment blend of information and multimedia. You may even make it an animation. Below is an example of video beach theme invitation:

Remember, you need to be creative in order to get the most unique wedding cards. You can of course take the above ideas as the starting point. And you will be able to find a lot of other interesting ideas when you are doing your research.

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