Traditional Wedding Invitations


There are couples who opt for a traditional event that involves yard long bridal dress, orchestra, old church, and don’t forget, traditional wedding invitations. There are quite a number of styles and designs to choose from, and because of this, it can be daunting to select which one is the best for the overall theme of the event.

When selecting paper, ink and other elements for the invites, there are a lot who are caught up with the connotation of traditional designs. They tend to disregard their personal taste. Although the classic theme should serve as your guide, your personal touch is the main edge of your invite. It is important to remember that these traditional wedding invitations are also like souvenirs for the event. Now, let us discuss some ideas about your wedding card. We will as discuss some ways to customize the design.

Choice of paper and ink

Normally traditional invitations for the weddings are made from cotton, linen or parchment. These three are the most common for classic wedding. Cotton is projecting a casual character, while parchment can be considered as formal. The color of the paper is another important element that you should consider. Crème, white and ivory are the popular choices if you want a traditional type of invite. They are readable and very elegant. The ink plays an important role in the overall look of the wedding card. This should be integrated well and match the theme of the event. Black, gray and metallic are considered to be formal.

Additional elements of traditional wedding invitations

wedding monogram for traditional wedding invitations
A monogram can be a nice element to make your traditional wedding card.

There are several elements in what is considered to be classic in wedding invites. An RSVP, “Répondez s’il vous plait” or Please reply in English is an absolute must. This would hopefully make your guests reply if they are attending the event or not. It should have a stamped return envelope with printed name on it for mailing. Don’t forget to add directions or map to the venue. There are also things to leave out, and one of which is the bridal registry.

Although it is common to include bridal registry invitations, traditional ones are not the same anymore. They can just contact the mother of the bride or a close friend for this information. This is the reason why it is not included. There are classic wedding cards that coordinate place cards in a sit down dinner. You can also include a menu cards to be sent together with the invitations.

Customize The Invitations

There are couples who want to personalize their invitation. In this way, it can match the personality of the couple and the whole wedding theme. There are ways in which you can customize the invitation, and it can still have a simple and elegant look to it. One is through fonts. There are dozens of font to choose from. Always use clean font so it will look simple. Envelope lining color should be coordinated with the whole theme. Solid colors project elegance compared to stripes or patterns. Beside, it is also possible to customize the traditional wedding invitation wording. Although the wording can be considered quite standard, there are still ways to customize it. For instance, you can add a poem you love before the actual wording of the invitation starts.

Invitations shouldn’t go without envelope. It is also possible to customize the envelope. There are simple and classic looking ones with simple monogram. They are considered acceptable for traditional wedding invitations. You can also use seal wax to seal the envelope so that it will look more traditional and classic.

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