Halloween Wedding Invitations


There is no doubt that you can make your wedding more interesting if you have a main theme. In this case, there are couples who will go for the idea of spring or summer beach themes. In fact, it will also be perfect if you can have a Halloween theme. In this case, you will need to search for invitations which will match this theme.

You may probably ask why you may want to choose to have a Halloween themed event. As a matter of fact, you can also include the autumn wedding ideas in your event. You can make the reception hall more unique and special when you are considering the venue decorations. You do not need to make the event formal when you go for this theme. You can also make it more memorable. You can certainly make the reception become a memorable party.

Design Ideas For Your Halloween Wedding Invitations

Pumpkin and Angel
Pumpkin and angel are common elements for Halloween Wedding Invitations

Halloween Elements

There are a lot of ideas when you are designing the invites. As you can easily think of, you can consider the idea of adding some graphics or pictures of pumpkins on the card. This can certainly make your guests to understand your theme.

Of course the above idea of pumpkins is not your only option for your Halloween themed invitations. You can also consider other elements such as a witch. An angel is another element you can have on your invite. You can print it on the card. This will easily express the idea of Halloween.

Halloween Colors

You should also consider the colors of the cards. Orange is a very popular color in this case. This is because it is the color of pumpkins. Black can also be a good option in this case. It is a very popular color for Halloween. Of course you can also include some of the autumn colors such as dark brown color in your design.

An Informal Invitation

Another point you need to know is that the design will usually be more informal when it comes to a Halloween themed wedding invitation. As mentioned, such a wedding will probably not a formal one. Indeed there is no point to make the party or reception formal. As a result, you can also make the wording of the invite interesting. You do not need to follow the traditional option. In fact, you should try to create your own wordings so that you can make your cards more unique and interesting.

Get A Free Invitation Template For Your Halloween Themed Wedding

There are brides and grooms who will have a relatively small reception. You may not want to order the cards from a vendor if this is the case. You can print your own invitation cards since you will only need a small number of cards. You will need some Halloween themed templates in order to print your cards. Downloading the templates on the web will be perfect to this end.

After you get the templates, you can print the cards at home. Yet, you must try to test the paper before you buy it in bulk. You always have to remember this point when you are working on your DIY invites. This will make sure that you can save money and have perfect Halloween wedding invitations.

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