5 Tips for Winter Wedding Invitations


Are you thinking of making your wedding ceremony a memorable event that will outshine Rudolph’s nose this winter? It’s not a far-fetched idea! In fact, exchanging marriage vows in winter is really a practical notion since everybody is in high spirits during this holiday season.

However, you have to act fast and send out your invitations early before your expected guests go on vacation. And because it’s winter, what can be more unique than winter wedding invitations?

Winter Wedding Invitation Tips

Tips #1 & 2: Send your invites early and use seasonal colors

Most wedding experts recommend that you hold the ceremony comparatively ahead of Christmas day and New Year’s Eve. As mentioned earlier, people may have plans to go on vacation. However, if you’re planning on a small wedding and you want only family and close friends to attend, then you can place whatever date you want, just be sure to book the church at least four to six months ahead. This will ensure you a spot as churches have many events planned for the winter season.

Holidays are filled with color. One of the best ways to create cheerful wedding invitations is to integrate seasonal colors into the invite. White is a very dominant color during this season since it’s snowing. Create your own invites around that theme as well as other season colors like red, green, silver and gold. You can give the font, the paper, or the envelope lining a dash of holiday color. Or jazz them up with lively ribbons and ties as well.

Tips #3 & 4: Use creative verbiage and work with images

Gingerbread Man and Gingerbread Woman of winter wedding invitations
Images such as winter gingerbread man and woman can be an excellent image for your wedding card to use.

Using creative wordage on your invitations gives it an artistic, as well as, romantic flair. And since the event will be in winter, there are a lot of interesting subjects you can feature. You can create a Cinderella or Toy Story-themed wedding card with a character quoting your chosen wording.

Use images to design your winter wedding invitations. A winter-themed invite may feature holiday adornments, snowmen, wreaths and even mistletoe. Of course you can also use elements such as snowflake crystals to create snowflake wedding invitations. If you are going to create Christmas wedding cards, you will probably need to put graphic element like Christmas trees on the card. Nothing will look better on an invite than your personal photos. For a wedding in winter, use a candid photo of you and your spouse-to-be kissing under the mistletoe.

Do you lack artistic flair? Invitation printers have hundreds of designs for wedding invites and make customizing your photo invites as simple as a mouse click. Most online invitation specialists have great customer support that will help answer all your concerns.

Tip #5: Plan ahead to save a bundle

You can save a lot of cash by stocking up on winter wedding invites ten months or more in advance. Go online and look for invitation printers or vendors just after the holidays for big discounts on stationery. This also holds true for save the date invitations which you can send to your guests around six months before the event. This will enable the guest to set aside your special day and be there to celebrate with you.

Whether you’re tying the knot on Christmas day or New Year’s Eve, get your guests into a joyful mood by sending winter wedding invitations.

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