Tropical Wedding Invitations


Wedding invites can be your conventional uninteresting and bland run-of-the-mill types with the usual die-cut corners, embossing or lamination. You can have it specially festooned with ribbons, graphics, gold stamping or even use those fancy fragrantly scented paper. But without a thematic motif, the invites can get boring. And your invitees will just say, “another wedding to attend.” Worst, it could end up in the trash can and not bother attending. To this end, you may consider the idea of tropical weddings and as a result you will also create tropical wedding invitations.

Teasing your Invitees

So be a little more creative in the invites, especially when approaching the land few months of the year. This is about the best time to prepare for one, as 2-3 months is often a good period when planning for a wedding.

Normally, winter may not be the best time to hold the reception or ceremony since it can be very cold. However, it will be a bit different if you plan to have it come around or between the Christmas and the New Year dates. If this is the case, you will have a week separating the two. That way, you can go on a week long celebratory hiatus not just for the two annual feasts but also for your wedding.

And if you’re looking for the appropriate invitation to kick start your wedding plans, it’s almost just as inviting to use a Christmas-themed motif on your invite. But it can get more unique than that.

Tropical Wedding Invitations

Putting a some irony on your invite can be fun and an expression of what you really want to happen on your big day this winter. A tropical wedding invitation can betray that the two of you will go on a honeymoon in some remote tropical paradise in the Southeast Asia, the Caribbean or just the American tropical backyard in Florida. Or it can be just your way of teasing your friends and colleagues with an invitation motif that is just at the other extreme end of the season.

No matter, a design is just that. A unique travel invite tells a lot about the couple about to be wed. At the very least, it means that some thought and caring went into the preparing the invitation and guests can expect an engagingly delightful feast when the day comes.

idea for tropical wedding invitationsYou can use various images for your wedding invites. Using images of beach can be one of the ideas. Alternatively, ideas such as starfish wedding invitations can also be considered.

However, it will be good to remember that a tropical event does not necessarily mean a beach wedding. You do not need to confine yourself to the idea of beach themed invitations. Other images such as pictures of palm trees can also be your option.

Tropical wedding invitations can sometimes be beach themed invitations. They often represent the locale but it can also represent a longing for the pleasant comforts and loving warmth of married life that can be representative of the warm pleasant clime of the tropics. It also reflects a favorable disposition to nature and the beauty of mother earth.

Tropical themes can take on the various imaginations associated with the tropics, the countries, landscapes, flora and fauna, the colors, the native cultures and cuisines, just to mention the major thematic areas. What is more important is how any of these themes are incorporated into the limited printable area of an invite. You can think up your own design or you can choose a near-unlimited assortment of pre-defined styles in many wedding or generic invite sites.

A Real Tropical Wedding

If you saved enough for the event, why not? And if you’re the diplomat statesman who has friends and colleague scattered around the world where just about every city is home, setting your event in a far away tropical paradise can gather your friends there for a fun-filled ceremony under the sun in a beach, a resort garden or even a cruise ship in the Caribbean. In that event, tropical wedding invitations could be most apt.

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