How To Design Your Own Wedding Invitations


boy_girlThe invitations are certainly something extremely important for your big day. To this end, you will probably want to design your own wedding invitations. As a matter of fact, a lot of brides and grooms will go for such option. Yet, you may not be a professional designer. You do not know what to do so that you can design the invites. Now, let us talk about this issue in detail.

In fact, there is no ready-made formula when you are trying to make your own wedding cards. Without any surprise, you have to be creative. Yet, there are a few simple steps you can take so that you can design the cards in an easier way.

Steps To Design Your Own Wedding Cards

There are various steps involved when designing your invitations. Usually, you will follow this steps and go for the idea of do it yourself wedding cards. Before we go into the details of these steps, we can take a look at this video on some basic concepts by a professional wedding planner.

1. The first thing you need to consider is your wedding theme. Usually, it is a good idea to design the cards so that they will match the theme. Try to make sure that all the items related to your big day will follow this main theme. So, you can start your brain storming process by considering the theme. For example, if you are going to have a beach event, you can start thinking about some images which are related to a beach.

2. Of course you will also need to consider the color of the cards. Again, you have to consider your own wedding theme. There will be some color schemes which will match your theme. Taking a Xmas wedding as an instance, the main colors will be red, green and white. On the other hand, colors such as deep brown and yellow will be used when you are going to have an autumn event.

3. Now, you will start creating the artwork. You can use software such as Adobe Illustrator to help you to print your own wedding invitations. Yet, this software is not cheap. You can also try to search for some free programs on the web. Remember, you may not be able to create the graphic elements yourself. You should search for some free clipart and images so that you can do the job easily. You can also download some Free Invitation Templates to help you. Alternatively, you may also make the card by hand drawing. Of course you may need to learn some drawing techniques beforehand!

4. When you design your own wedding invitations, you should always remember that you will probably be printing the cards yourself. You need to take care of the materials to be used. You should try to buy some paper stock from your local stationery shop so that you can start playing with the paper and your printer. Remember, paper is not the only option when it comes to your invitation design. You can also consider other types of materials such as fabric.

5. You should also design the envelopes yourself. Be sure to pay attention to the ways of folding envelopes. By tweaking the ways of folding, you can create very interesting envelope design. For instance, creating an origami envelope will be something nice.

In fact, there are also some methodologies you can consider when you try to design your own wedding invitations. You can download our Handbook of Wedding Card Design. You should be able to get more ideas from this handbook!

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