Tips to Find and Send the Save the Date Cards For Weddings


Not every couple requires save the date cards for weddings but if you are planning an expensive and/or big event then these could be one of the most crucial elements of the preparation stage you cannot afford to leave out.

There are a few things to consider while you are searching for your save the date cards. Yet, it is always important to remember to prepare and send them really early.

Tips For Your Save The Date Cards

When To Send The Cards

You want to send the cards out as soon as possible, ideally when you have set a date the wedding will take place. This will give your guests more time to make the necessary arrangements regarding travel, booking time off of work, accommodation and make sure they have everything ready. Most brides and grooms send their these cards out 3 months to 1 year ahead of their event. When you are buying/making them you are best having more than your actual guest list, it’s common to think of people that you may have forgotten about at a later date.

How To Pick The Cards

Your Wedding Theme And Save The Date Cards For Weddings

If you have picked out the theme for your wedding then try to buy/make cards to compliment that theme and get your guests in the spirit for the big day. Don’t worry if you haven’t picked out your theme, you can always rely on a plain design that will fit in with any theme. They are relatively inexpensive and have hundreds of designs available if you don’t have the time to make your own.

Get Inspiration From Templates

You can always get inspiration from templates that can be found on the internet if you do want to make your own. Many sites will let you download them for free so that you can print them off and send those to your guests, this will save a great deal of time which can be used to plan the rest of your event.

Your Wedding Date As The Inspiration

The whole point of using save the date cards for weddings is to let your guests know when it will take place so that they don’t make any other plans for the same day/period. This is mainly important if you have chosen to have your wedding during the summer months or near a holiday, it’s often at these times when families plan to have vacations.

When it comes to the notion of finding the perfect design, you can use your actual wedding time as inspiration. For example if you have picked a summer wedding you can use brighter warmer colors such as oranges, yellows, reds and greens. You don’t have to be formal. If you want your event to be more laid-back, pick out a fun design that will spark excitement about your big day.

Other Options To Consider

Another option you have which may be better is picking save the date magnets, often a card can be easily misplaced or lost. At least with a magnet on the save the date cards for weddings your guests can put them on their refrigerator or somewhere else that will be seen practically every day being a constant reminder. It also has the benefit of when your invitations and other information arrive they can save that in the same place keeping it all together making sure none of it gets misplaced.

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