How To Address Wedding Invitations


Over the years wedding have generally become more relaxed in a number of ways but the wedding invitation still remains one of the most important associations with marriage. You should take the time to think about how to address wedding invitations properly, if you are having trouble then this guide should help you get started.

Your invitations say a lot about your wedding before your guests even open them, think of them as a visual preview of the actual wedding day. If you are going for a formal event then heavyweight, cream cards with engraved classic style fonts such as Times New Roman are best suited. You will have to tailor your own wedding cards based on your theme of choice.

address invitations
Some couples find it hard and time consuming to address
their wedding invites. However, it will not be too difficult
when you know the right way to do it.

Tips On How To Address Wedding Invitations

Prepare The Guest List

In fact, most ideas of addressing wedding invitations are quite traditional. However, these ideas should apply to the wedding cards of most couples. This is because there is some etiquette we have to follow. It will be important that you will follow these rules if you are going to have a formal wedding invitation. Yet, you may not have to follow the rules strictly if you are going to have something more informal. As a matter of fact, we will need to have a guest list. We also have to organize the list according to the age of them. The marital status is also a very important point to consider. These two issues will affect how you are going to address the invitations.

Taking a married woman as an example here, some women make keep their maiden name after they get married. To this end, you will need to find out this otherwise you may not be able to address the cards properly. On the contrary, there are also women who will still keep their married name even after they have divorced. It is a must to spend some time to check the names of your guests so that you will not be making any mistakes. Besides, you have to send two separate invitations for unmarried couples. You will only send the couple one invitation if they have got married.


Traditionally, invitations are always written in the third person with no punctuation used apart from when it comes to addressing titles. An example being “Mr. And Mrs. Steven Hughes invites you to their wedding”.

Brides and grooms may find it difficult when they are addressing the wedding cards to guests who are doctors and judges etc. It is not difficult for you to find ideas on the web in this case. However, one simple rule here is that you should spell them in full instead of using abbreviations.

Names Of Guests And Stating Numbers

When you are considering how to address wedding invitations, you should write the names of your guests in full. It’s often best to make a list of the names of people you are inviting so that you can double check all of the spellings to ensure that they are correct before writing on any of your invitations. The names of the bride and groom should also be written out in full. Another thing to keep in mind is that you have to be specific when you are inviting your guests. Usually, only the names on the card are invited to the ceremony. Be sure to list each member that you want to include.

When stating dates and times it’s best to keep things formal and write them out, however this does exclude house numbers. So, you can certainly use something like “17 Kings Avenue” when you address the invites.

Handwriting Or Printing With Computer

When you are addressing the invitations, you will need to address both the outer and inner envelopes. You will not address only one of them. This is an important point to remember when you are trying to discover how to address wedding invitations. When you actually address the invitations, you can either write it using your hand or printing it using the computer. If you are opting for the latter, you can consider choosing typefaces which look like scripts. Of course this is not a must. Although it is considered more polite if you write the envelopes by hand, it is not a rule nowadays. A lot of couples will go for the idea of printing on the envelopes.

Of course you may really want to go for the idea of handwriting when you are trying to address the wedding cards. In this case, if you are not blessed with the gift of nice handwriting you are always best asking a family member or friend to write out the invitations, you could even hire a calligrapher to write them out professionally for an added touch.

Other Tips

Besides all the above ideas, you should also check the etiquette of addressing wedding cards. Moreover, your entire wedding stationery package should include an invitation and a response card with an enveloped pre-addressed so that they can respond. You may want to include things such as the reception invitation with the time and location so that they can also attend the reception. Confirm that everything is in the envelope before you seal and send them to make sure they have everything they need. Always write the return address on the outer envelope on the back just in case the invitation is lost.

Allow ample time for your invitations to get sent out, especially for guests that might be out of town. Typically, people allow at least 6-8 weeks when they are asking the question how to address wedding invitations.

You can also learn more about how to address your invitations by viewing the following video.

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