Benefits And Tips Of Blank Wedding Invitations


Blank wedding invitations have a number of benefits when it comes to a couple’s wedding planning, with them becoming more popular there is a wide variety of styles to choose from so you could complete your invites with minimal effort. This is also excellent if you want to personalize each wedding card. If you are interested in researching some blank invites you can find them at pretty much every stationary/craft store, there are literally hundreds of different designs ranging in shape, colors, paper types and patterns so take your time and pick the perfect ones.

Benefits Of Using Blank Wedding Invitations

an example of blank invitationsIn fact, the option of using blank invites can sometimes perfect. There are brides and grooms who have very tight budget. In this case, it will be better to get the blank invitations and write them yourself. Of course you can also print the wordings on these cards. Usually, these blank cards are pre-printed with some patterns or graphic elements. As a result, you will be able to get a really beautiful card after you print the wordings. To this end, you will also understand this option is perfect for a small wedding. The unit price of each invitation can be expensive if you need to order 20 cards from a printer. However, it will be inexpensive if you buy the blank cards and print it yourself. They cost far less than getting them professionally designed and printed. Besides, sometimes your local stationer might have a waiting list so doing them yourself with printable invites might also save you a great deal of time.

A situation we have to face is that we have to work very hard every day. This means that we may not have so much time to plan for the wedding. Of course it will also be difficult for you to devote so much time on planning for the invitations. To this end, some brides and grooms may need to do the invitation in the last minute. If this is the case, you will probably need blank wedding invitations. Considering the fact that you will print the cards yourself, you will be able to do the invitations cards in the last minute.

You might want to consider using blank invitations if you are having an unusual or unique wedding where the traditional invitations may seem out of place or irrelevant. Blank wedding invitations give the couple the freedom to personalize their message to their guests. Also the capabilities of today’s home printers can rival professionally designed wedding stationary at a fraction of the cost and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Tips Of Using Blank Wedding Invites

1. Get Enough Card Stocks and Ink

So you’ve decided to use blank cards? There are certain tips to get the best results that may save you a lot of time. Always buy additional sets to allow for any mistakes or printing errors, you are best printing a test copy out first so that you can check for any spelling or design errors. Make sure you have stocked up on ink cartridges, using a fresh one will avoid any dulling or blurred text. Check beforehand what capabilities your printer has before you purchase the type of paper, laser and ink jet printers will not work on all types of papers. Take your time when you are printing them, feed each invitation in slowly to avoid a paper jam or smeared ink wasting both your time and money.

2. Consider Costs Including Postage

If you want to create your own invitations you should weigh up all of the costs before you do so to ensure you are making the right choice, remember if you are buying the blank wedding cards online you will have a shipping charge at the end. Also take note of any additional materials you may need to purchase to complete your invites such as dry flowers, ribbons or an embossed seal for example.

3. Personalize the Card by Handwriting

In fact, using blank invitations for a small wedding is different for using that for a big one. For a big event, you will have to prepare something like 200, or even 300 invites. You will have to find a professional printer to print the card. It will be next to impossible for you to write the invitation message using your hand. On the contrary, you can use blank wedding invitations when you are going to have a small event. You can write the wording by hand on the blank invitations. A handwritten card will certainly be something special. Handwriting is probably one of the best way to personalize your invitation. You can have different wording and content for different guests. Your guests will be amazed when they see your cards.

4. Get the Whole Set of Statinonery

You can buy blank wedding invitation kits which do consist of everything you will need, these kits often include coordinated envelopes, informational inserts, response cards, various seals and other materials to creative a more elegant invitation. You can choose the kit with the materials you need.

5. Get More Inspirations

If you need any more inspiration on getting the most out of utilizing your blank wedding invitations there are hundreds of sites that have templates you can look at. Some sites allow you to download them so you can make any changes and print them off as your own. This will be something nice since you will be able to have your own unique wedding card when you do so.

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