Tips to Plan And Select Your Save The Date Magnets


If you would like to make sure that all of your closest friends and family members would remember the biggest event of your life, the surest way to do so is to give them save the date magnets. These are small notes with magnets on them that they can attach to the refrigerator door. So every time they open the fridge to get a glass of water, they will remember that special day that you and your partner are anticipating.

If you are planning to send out these magnets, here are tips that you can follow:

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Tips To Select The Save The Date Magnets

1. Search online and don’t sacrifice quality over cheapness

Because of the slew of online companies selling save the date wedding magnets, finding the one that suits your liking could be a bit difficult. Strike out the companies with doubtful reputation and concentrate, instead, on reputable vendors that furnish this type of product.

Do a Google search for “save the date magnets” and you’ll be given a list of companies that sell these magnets online. Though some companies may rank high in Google’s search engine, it is no assurance that they are the best. However, performing due diligence will enable you to pick the right store.

You can find affordable yet quality wedding save the date magnets if you diligently search online. Even so, don’t commit the mistake of being too el cheapo at the cost of quality. Fridge magnets are not too expensive, as compared to what everything else in your wedding event will cost. Decide on what kind of magnets you want, check out several companies and compare their products and prices.

2. Use personal photos to make save the date magnets

Having your own picture on the magnet gives it a more personal touch, but you have to be sure the company you’re dealing with can print high-quality photos. You don’t want a boxful of finished magnets that look like it was made out of iron-on transfers.

Without questions, most companies you’ll find have quality photo reproduction, otherwise they wouldn’t have been in the business for long. However, to be on the safe side, it will be sensible to see a sample of your photo save the date magnets before giving the thumbs up to go full production.

The question now will be if the company can come up with a sample of your actual product as this will cost them a bit to get out of their way to do this much. It won’t hurt to ask and with a good faith cash deposit, the company may furnish this bit of extra service for you. Be sure to use a high-quality photo so you won’t be blamed for sending them a poor picture.

3. Look for a good after-sales service

Choose a company with a reliable after-sales service. Nothing can be more nerve-racking than placing your order with a vendor and not hear from them for days. The rule here is not about finding the cheapest product, but rather getting the best value for your money. It might sound like a very small thing to fuss about, but great customer support service can prevent a lot of disappointment on your Save The Date Magnets.

Tips To Plan For The Save The Date Magnets

1. Be accurate on the date.

There is no use in planning the dates if they are not yet finalized. So unless you are pretty certain of the particulars of the event, don’t send out the magnets yet. You do not want to tell your guests that you need to change the wedding date after they have received all your save the date magnets. Your guests will never feel good if this happens. You should only send the magnet to your guests after everything is ironed out and an official date has been agreed upon.

2. Give away the magnets personally, if possible at home.

While you can give away these magnets anywhere like in the office or elsewhere, it would be more effective if you drop by your friend’s home and place the magnet in her refrigerator door yourself. This way, you can be sure that she will remember the date because you personally made sure of it.

3. Add your name on the note attached to the magnet.

Don’t be offended if somebody still forgot the occasion even after you have given them the save the date magnets. They might have not forgotten the date, but they could have mistaken it for someone else’s. Put all the information needed. Don’t assume that you’re the only one who has ever thought of this plan. A picture or a name would do the trick.

4. Plan ahead, select dates that don’t interfere with another major event.

Who would setup a wedding or any ceremony for that matter on a Super Bowl Sunday? Nobody in his right mind would. So when planning for a date, you must make sure that it is a free one. This means it is nobody else’s birthday or anniversary or whatever. It must be a date for you and you alone. You have to ensure that you will choose the wedding date after you consider all these ideas and issues. Otherwise, the save the magnet plan won’t work at all.

5. Distribute the magnet weeks before the ceremony.

As much as possible, give away the magnets several weeks before the actual date so that your guests would be able to make the necessary arrangements to free up their schedules. This is especially necessary for busy people. Giving time allowances is a polite thing to do, even if it is your best friend that you’re talking about.

Plan your save the date magnets properly and you will get the results that you want. These are indeed effective tools to get your guests ready for that big occasion of your life. If you really want all of them to be a part of it, try to follow the tips above and things will go smoothly for you and for all of your guests.

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