5 Tips Of Black And White Wedding Invitations


Usually, you will have a main color theme for a wedding. There are brides and grooms who may love to have a really colorful invite. On the other hand, it is not uncommon to choose monotone to this end. When it comes to the invitation cards, you will also want to make them to match your main color theme. To this end, you will have to get your own black and white wedding invitations.

As a matter of fact, such invites can be very sophisticate and elegant. And here are some ideas you can consider when you are searching for them.

black and white floral patternVarious design elements can be used for your monotone wedding cards. Of all the elements, floral patterns are something very popular.

You can also consider this when searching for your invitations. You can also print a monotone monogram. Besides the printed elements, you may also consider the actual structure of the design!

Tips For Black And White Wedding Invitations

1. Using Floral Or Damask Elements

When creating a wedding card in a single tone manner, it is very common for people to use floral elements. Using this type of patterns can help you to create the design of the invite easily. It is very possible for you to get some beautiful floral patterns and make it the main graphic element. You can try to search on the web in order to get some beautiful floral patterns. Besides, it is also a common option to create damask invitations when couples are searching for their invites.

2. Single Black And White Wedding Card

There are people who love the idea of having a folded card. However, you may opt for the idea of using a single card when it comes to black and white wedding invitations. This will usually make the design simpler and more elegant. In fact, a single card can be something very classy. You can go for the method of embossing so that you can have an elegant border for your wedding invites.

3. Using A Pocket

Although it is very common for couples to go for the idea of having a single card, there are brides and grooms who need to include a lot of information invites. To this end, you can create a few single cards and put them into a pocket or folder. If you need to create a few cards such as maps and information of accommodations, you will probably need to opt for this choice. You can make the pocket black in color and make the cards white in color.

4. Printing White On Black Wedding Invitations

It is natural for couples to print black on white paper stocks when they are considering the invitations. Yet, printing white on a black colored card can create an elegance that you have never thought of. In this case, you may have to go for printing methods such as foil printing and silk screen printing. You should explore this idea with your designer when creating the cards.

5. Formal Or Informal

It is more common for couple to have a formal event when they have decided to have a monotone color theme. For instance, designing the cards in the forms of damask wedding invitations will probably be something more formal. However, it does not mean that you cannot make the whole event informal. You can still create very interesting and informal wedding cards. For instance, you can try to play with the texts and fonts to create an informal design.

It is not easy to design black and white wedding cards. As a matter of fact, you will need to apply this color theme to all the stationery items such as the RSVP and save the date cards for weddings. You should try to search for more samples and it will help you to make your final design decision a lot easier.

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