How To Create Your Unique Wedding Announcement Cards


You may want to keep your wedding small. To this end, you will only invite your best friends and family to your ceremony or party. However, you may still want to let other friends know that you will get married. In this case, you will send wedding announcement cards to them.

Although you are not going to send invitations to these friends, you will still want to make the announcement unique and special. There are a few ways for you to do it. Let us discuss more about this issue in this article.

Make Your Announcement Cards Unique

In fact, there are a lot of ways to make the them special. You will have to consider your own budget and the quantity you need. If you need a few hundred cards, you should try to work with a designer and make them.

If you are going to work with a designer, you can let the designer to help you to make the cards unique. They can give you very good ideas and suggestions. Alternatively, you can also try to search for various designs and vendors on the web.

However, in some cases you may only need 30 or 40 cards. It can be extremely expensive if you work with a designer. You may want to go for the idea of DIY instead. You should try to create them such that they will reflect your personalities.

wedding announcementUsually, you will send your wedding announcement cards after your actual wedding. You will send it to friends who you do not invite to your event.

There is no fixed format when you are creating your announcement. You can consider putting your photos on the card.

What Is Your Wedding Theme?

When creating wedding invitations, couples will try to make sure that the invitations will match the main theme of the event. This is not necessary when it comes to your the cards. Your friends will not attend to your event anyway. It will be a better idea to stick to the idea of reflecting your personalities. You can also pay attention to the wording for your announcement. The wording should also reflect the wedding theme.

Use The Computer

It is totally possible for you to create all the graphics on your computer. Of course you will also want to print it with your printer. It is not a difficult job. However, you will need to ensure that you will test the paper before you print. This is to make sure that you can get something unique and beautiful eventually. You may also try to arrange the wording for the announcements using your computer. It can make the process of printing easier and more convenient.

Add A Picture To The Design

When you send the cards, it will be good if you can include a picture of you and your spouse you take on the big day. In this case, you can also share the joy of your marriage to the friends who are not invited or who are not able to attend to your event.

When To Send The Wedding Announcement Cards Unique

You may have a question at this point. You may want to know when you should send the cards to your friends. Usually, you will send them right after your wedding. The idea is that you will let your friends know about your marriage as soon as you get married. Of course there are some brides and grooms who try to send them before the event. Yet, you are still suggested send the announcement cards after the wedding ceremony.

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