5 Tips of Red Wedding Invitations


The color of red is usually associated with Valentines day. Of course you can also see a lot of red color Christmas cards. As a matter of fact, a lot of couples will choose it as the main color theme for the wedding invites. Yes, There are brides and grooms who will go for the idea of red wedding invitations nowadays.

Ideas Of Red Wedding Invitations

1. Cover and Insert

Of course you will not make the whole card red in color. Usually, the cover of the card will be red in color. The insert will be more traditional. It will be a white insert. And of course you will put all the wordings and information on the white insert. The cards will come with various sizes. You can choose the size which will suit your preferences. However, you have to make sure that it will not be either too big or too small. Otherwise you may have to spend more money on the postage.

2. Layering

It is also very common to create a single red card. However, this single card will usually comprise a few layers. For instance, a piece of white card, with the information and wordings on, will be mounted or glued on a piece of red card. The main idea to do this is to make the wedding cards to look thicker. You can also put a ribbon across the center of the invitation. You can either use a red or gold ribbon in this case.

3. Use Invitation Kits

In fact, it is easy for us to find some invitation kits in the market. Some of these kits are catering for the idea of red wedding invitations. Usually, the invitation will comprise a red card. You will print the contents on a piece of white color paper. Then you will use a ribbon to secure these two pieces. This will be something perfect for brides and grooms who only need 20 to 30 cards. You can usually save money by choosing this kind of kits and print the invitations yourself.

4. Match other Colors with Red

You do not have to use a single red tone when you are searching for or creating the invitations. There can be different tones of red. This will make the invite richer visually. It is also a good idea to combine red with other colors. Combination of red and white can be something excellent. You will have to consider or play with various color combination before you make your final decision on the wedding card design.

5. Chinese Style Cards

Now, let us talk a little bit about Chinese culture. Most Chinese wedding cards are red in color. It is very true that Chinese couples will tend to choose red color wedding cards. It is common to combine gold with red. The main idea here is that these two colors are something very traditional for the Chinese designs. As a matter of fact, red is not the only element you will find on these cards. Graphically, you will be able to find a lot of elements on Chinese invitation designs. Some common elements will be double happiness, as well as dragon and phoenix.

Click the following pictures to see more red wedding invitations:
Red Invitations Dragon and Phoenix Wedding Celebration Welcome Bride home

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