Butterfly Wedding Invitations


It is not uncommon for brides and grooms to choose butterfly wedding invitations. In fact, the design of such invites are usually very beautiful and attractive. In fact, butterflies are considered a symbol of marital bliss in Chinese culture. This is why it can be very meaningful for couples to choose this kind of wedding cards.

As a matter of fact, butterflies also bear other kinds of meaning. It can imply a new beginning. This will certainly match the idea of you event very well. The couple will begin a new life as a married couple after the ceremony. So, a butterfly themed invitation can be perfect for couples.

You can see more about this type of invites by clicking the following images:

butterfly wedding invitations Double Happiness with butterfly Dancing Butterfly Joy

Designs of Butterfly Wedding Invitations

There can be various design ideas when it comes to butterflies. Of course the easiest way will be to print a few butterflies on the invites. Yet, this is not the only option. You can also print some butterflies and glue them on the main invite.

Die-cutting is another idea you can consider. If you create some butterfly die-cut shape on the card. This will make the invitation look very elegant. As a matter of fact, this method can also make it look like a 3D object. This will certainly give another dimension to the invitations.

How To Find Your Perfect Invitations

To this end, you will also wonder how it is possible for you to search for the butterfly wedding invitations which will suit your event. Of course good planning is something very important. Remember, you will have to send the cards at least 12 weeks before the ceremony and reception. You need to ensure that you will order the card about half year before.


There are a lot of websites you can find ideas on the invites. Of course you can also find a lot of butterfly ideas. You will need to spend some time on visiting these sites. The importance of research has to be stressed over and over again. You can find the best designs if you can do the research well.

Bridal Magazines

You can find tons of bridal magazines out there. You will be able to find a lot of information about your wedding planning. You can find ideas about your butterfly invitation designs. At the same time, it is also possible for you to find ideas for wedding favors, bridal dress, and so on.

Wedding Shows

Do you know that there are a lot of wedding shows every year? You should try to join one to two shows to this end. A lot of vendors will also join these shows and you can meet a lot of people who can help you to plan for the wedding. Be sure to visit the both of some invitation designers so that you can find the best designs.

It can be even more interesting if you can apply the butterfly theme to other items of your event. For instance, you can choose cookies that are in the shape of butterflies when it comes to the wedding favors. You may even decorate the venue with butterflies. A whole harmonic theme will be perfect. It will make the butterfly invitation more interesting when your guests see them!

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