Do You Know These Ideas Of Contemporary Wedding Invitations


When you are planning your wedding invitation, you have to express your personalities and interest. A lot of experts in wedding may have talked about this. One thing you may not know is that the choices and designs of traditional invites are quite limited when you are trying to express your own personality. This is why brides and grooms may go for contemporary invitations. It can be a lot easier for you to express your interest with these cards. Such invites are usually more personalized and unique at the same time.

Now, let us discuss a bit about traditional wedding invitations. Usually, the design of them are simple. It is usually a single card with the information of the wedding printed on it. The colors will usually be cream or white with black ink. A lot of couples would like to go for something different nowadays. This is why so many brides and grooms will go for the idea of contemporary invites.

Tips Of Creating Contemporary Wedding Invitations

Shapes, Colors And Patterns

Contemporary Wedding Card - Design Example
An example of contemporary invitation design.

No matter it is the shape or the printing techniques to be used, there are tons of variations in terms of design and style when it comes to contemporary invites. It can be something of irregular shape. It is also common to have a pocket-fold card. It is one of the most common option because you can put a few more cards into the make invites. These cards may include your map card and gift registration card.

You may be interested in the actual design of this kind of wedding cards. Again, there are various designs and styles of contemporary wedding invites you can find in the market. The designs are different from traditional ones. Patterns such as floral patterns are extensively used these days. There is virtually no restriction for the color choices. You can make it very colorful and fancy if you want to do so. Of course the baseline is that the card should match your wedding theme. Besides, couples will go for this kind of contemporary cards if they want to have personalized invitations. To personalize the invitations, it is also common to design a monogram and put in on the card.

There are virtually no limit for the color and shape of the invitations. This is also true for the size of it. A contemporary invitation can be an over-sized card. Of course it can also be a small card. However, you may have to consider the postage in both cases. The cost of postage may be higher. Also, be sure that your cards will not be too small. This is certainly from the postage perspective. There is a minimum size requirement.

Contemporary Invitation Wording

As for the wordings, there is also no limit. You should choose wordings which will match the style of your contemporary wedding invitations. In most cases, you will not go for something formal or traditional. Instead, wordings which are less formal will fit better.

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