Save the Date Etiquette That You Should Know


Save the date Tag in heart shapeA lot of brides and grooms will start planning for the wedding a year before. You may wonder when you should let your guests know about the date of your event. You will not send the invitations so early. Instead, you will send a save the date card before your actually send the invitations.

There is some save the date etiquette we have to know. Understanding all the associated etiquette can ensure that you will create the cards properly. And it is not difficult for you to understand this etiquette.

Save The Date Etiquette

Why To Send The Cards

First of all, it is not a must to send these cards for weddings. However, it is more popular to do this nowadays. When you send them, your invitees will have more time to prepare. The chance for them to attend will be higher. This is especially true when you are planning for a destination wedding. This is because your guests may need to spend some time on arrange the air tickets and expenses. If you have decided to send them to your invitees, you will need to know the etiquette.

When To Send

Now, you may ask when you should send the cards to your guests. Since you will let your invitee to have enough time to prepare to attend to your wedding, you will certainly have to send them early. This is an important piece of etiquette. Usually, it will be a good idea to do it 6 to 9 months before the wedding. Remember, you may need to send them even earlier if you are going to have a destination wedding. This will help to make sure that your guests can plan it ahead when the attend to your weddings.

To Whom I Should Send

The cards can be different from your invitations. You may not need to send the invitations to all your guests. You may not need to send them to your closest friends and family members. However, when it comes to the the etiquette, you may still want to send the cards to all your guests.

About The RSVP

There are some couples who may wonder if they should include the RSVP information when they send the cards. A simple answer to this question is a NO. When you are considering the etiquette, it is not really necessary to send the RSVP cards to your guests at this point. The main idea of sending them to your guests is that you would like to let your guests know when your wedding will be so that they can prepare for it. So, an RSVP card will not be needed while you are thinking about the issue of etiquette. However, you should include the RSVP information when you send the wedding invitations to your guests.

Save The Date Magnets

There are couples who may consider sending save the date magnets. Again, it is not a must to do so when the etiquette is considered. However, your guests will be able to put the magnets on the doors of the fridge. As a result, it will be easier to remind them about the date of your event. This is why it is so popular to send the magnets to the guests.

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