Eco-friendly Wedding Invitations And Green Invites


It is very true that a lot of people are environmentally conscious today. There are a lot of environmental problems these days. You may have heard of various issues about green house gases, air pollution and global warming. As brides and grooms who are planning for your weddings, you will certainly want to make the event environmental friendly. You may also want to go for eco-friendly wedding invitations.

It is not difficult to find your green wedding cards. There are some considerations you should know. Let us discuss these considerations here.

Eco-friendly Wedding Invites To Protect The Environment

paper recyclingYou need to choose the material very carefully when searching for your eco-friendly invitations. For instance, you can go for the idea of recycled paper. Using paper from sustainable source can also be a good idea. Even if you do not use paper for the card, you will still need to choose material that is green.

Green Wedding invitation Materials

Without any surprise, you will select the best design and style for your wedding invites. In fact, there are a lot of options to this end. It is not difficult to find beautiful designs which are environmental friendly. You can consider using recycled paper for your invitations. Another option will be paper from sustainable sources. One of the options will be using FSC certified paper. Card stocks that are made from 100% cotton can also be perfect. There are also a lot of treeless paper you can consider. Bamboo paper is one of the examples here. Besides, you should also avoid paper that is heavily dyed. Using paper which is non-bleached will be important. This is because the chemicals to dye or bleach the paper can pollute the air.

Inks To Make The Invitations More Eco-friendly

Of course you will need to print at least the wording on your invitations. There are inks which can help to protect the earth. You will choose these inks for the printing of your green wedding cards. It will be important to use soy-based inks when you are printing the cards. When the cards are printed with soy-based inks, it can be recycled a lot easier. Besides, the volatile organic compounds of this type of inks is a lot lower. This will reduce the emission of toxins and the pollution to the air.

Create The Best Design For Your Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations

With the above ideas, you will be able to make your wedding cards green. In fact, you will also want to make the cards stylish. You can certainly use the embellishments you love in order to decorate your invitation cards. However, you will need to choose embellishments which are environmental friendly. You should never create too much waste when you are using the embellishments.

You do not only consider the green wedding invitations themselves. You should at the same time think about the envelopes. You should try to make the envelopes eco-friendly as well. You can consider using some reusable fabric or leather to make the envelopes. In this case, it can be quite difficult for you to make every envelope the same. However, there is no need for you to do so. It is possible for you to use invitation design which is self-enveloped. This means that you do not have to get separated envelopes for your invitation cards.

One last point is that, you can even mention your green wedding invitation ideas on your cards. You can write a few sentences about how you make these cards. If you use recycled paper, you should try to print the phrase “printed on recycled paper” on your card. If you can do so, you can also let your guests know more about your green wedding. This will further help to protect the environment.

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