5 Ideas for Your Destination Wedding Invitations


You’re planning on a big day and part of the plan is to take your wedding to a destination that would make the event the most special moment of your life. Destination weddings are common these days. But a lot of couples find it hard to make invitations that would go well with their planned event. While most of your friends would think that you’re going to be married in the good old church nearby, you can surprise them that you’re really going on a group trip to see you guys get married.

Destination Wedding Invitations

Here are good ideas for your invitations :

air ticket design
Air Ticket Design can be a good option for your destination wedding invite.

1. Add pictures related to the wedding destination on the invitation.

Give your guests a hint as to where you’re going right on the wedding card itself. If they see that there’s a plane in there along with some beaches and sand, they’ll have a fair idea that you want to be somewhere else when you make the vow. A beach wedding is a very common option. But you’ve got lots of other options as well if you really consider all the possibilities.

2. Add plane tickets on the invitation.

While this could be a little too expensive, you can always entice your guests to come along if there are accommodations and tickets ready for the event. If these are your special guests, they deserve to be treated as one. Sending them plane tickets would technically force them to be present on your wedding day because sending those tickets back may seem a little impolite.

3. Try your best to make the invitation look fun and exciting.

Destination weddings are perfect because it allows the couples and the guests to get some vacation time for themselves. This is a very good way of inviting them. Entice them to a relaxing weekend of partying and joyous celebration. Show them that getting married can never be as fun as this. What’s more, they can use the trip for a personal relaxation or maybe as a second honeymoon with their respective partners.

4. The envelopes play a role.

Don’t focus the design and all the attention in the card itself. Also part of the wedding card is the envelope. Why not send it with a stamp signifying the location of the event? There are many ways to perk up your invitation cards to depict the place where you intend to exchange vows with your partner.

5. If you don’t want to pay for everything, put leaflets on the invitation card showing ticket prices and hotel rates in the area that you chose.

Sometimes, you want to invite all of your friends to your destination wedding but you don’t want to give them the wrong impression that you’re paying for their fare and room. If this is the case, don’t worry about sending out all the invitation cards that you want. Just make sure that you’ve got enough reference materials inserted in the invitation envelope indicating that they will need to pay for the extras if they decide to come. You can also print this information in the invitations if you want.

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