Ideas For Creating Vintage Style Wedding Invitations


A wedding invitation will tell your guests all about the upcoming wedding. Will it be a pink “princess” wedding, a white traditional theme, or maybe something they’ve never seen before? Yes, a vintage theme can work here. it is not difficult for find such wedding ideas. Yet, sometimes the case can be a bit different when it comes to your invites. The fact here is that a lot of couples argue about how the invitation cards are going to look, but argue no more – because you will get ideas for creating vintage style wedding cards here!

Create Your Own Vintage Style Wedding Invitations

A vintage wedding is a typical romantic and white event. The invitation will give the guests a hint about traditionalism and give them that “vintage” feeling you get when you see the colors, the text font and the decorations. A typical vintage effect is the frames you’ll often see on vintage wedding invitations. The borders are often filled with single color flowers that fit the paper color. It’s also typical to have a grayish-yellowish color, or that typical “old photo” color known as “sephia” as the background color.

There are many examples of vintage invitations online, however making your invitation unique is something most girls want for their event, because all weddings are special and unique.

Use Lace

Lace for vintage style wedding invitations
Adding a piece of lace can be a good idea to make vintage style wedding invites.

Let us go back to the creation on the invitations. There are a lot of ideas and concepts you can consider. For example, you can consider adding a piece of lace or using some lace pattern in order to make the vintage invitations. This is only one of the options you can consider. There are also a lot of patterns you can use. You can use some classic floral patterns and print them on the card.

Classic Texts

You may wonder about the number of words for the contents of it. A typical vintage design only has a few lines of text. Don’t overdo it; don’t make a letter out of it! Try to keep within 5-10 lines of text, and only include the most necessary information like: the receiver of the invitation card, who’s getting married, where they wedding is going to be located, as well as what time of the day the wedding will be.

When everything else is supposed to be classic, why not go with a vintage font on the text, as well as an “old” writing style? Vintage is supposed to look a bit old, and a lot of online examples will show you that the writing style should be a bit “old fashion” as well. There are tons of free fonts that you can download from the Internet and use in your vintage wedding invitations.

Remember, it is essential to make the invitations as personal as possible. Some wedding planners also encourage the parents of those who are getting married to make the invitations, like

The son and daughter of
[name] and [name]
[name] and [name]
are getting married in [some church]
On [day]

This is a formal way of writing an invitation, and it’s a bit more mature than a lot of invitations on the market.

Make Your Own Vintage Cards

The advantage of making your own vintage wedding card is that it will be exactly how you want it to be. If you’ve got ideas, but not enough computer knowledge to make them yourself, you can hire people to make them for you. Alternative, there are also printers which will provide couples with design that you can use readily. You may visit your local stationery shop if you can find the vintage designs you want.

Another great way of making vintage wedding invitations is to use the so-called “scrap booking”, where you copy and paste different elements onto a paper. You won’t need any computer skills, but you will still need the materials to make it, as well as having a steady hand and a nice type of writing.

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