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Chinese Wedding Door Games

The Origin

One of the most important part of a wedding in Chinese is the door game. There are brides and grooms who will wonder about the origins of these games. As a matter of fact, it originated from ancient China. The main concept behind was that the bride might not be able to see her friends and family again after getting married. This was because the transportation network was not that advanced in ancient time. The wife would have to leave with her husband to other places after marriage. To this end, the family of the bride did not really want to her to leave home and get married.

As a result, the friends and family members of the bride would try to block the groom at the door of the bride's home. These friends and family members then asked questions about the bride in order to see if the groom really loved the bride. To make the them to give way to him, he would give the friends and family members a red packet, or "Li Shi". It was in fact token money in a red color envelope. He might even "bargain" with the friends and family of the bride. The whole process would be full of fun.

Nowadays, the bride can still visit her family or friends from time to time after marriage. Even if the bride is in another country, it will still be easy for her to communicate with the family by using phone or the internet. As a result, the games do not totally bear the original meaning today. However, most Chinese will still keep this tradition when getting married. When performing such Chinese marriage customs, the friends of the bride and the groom will still have a lot of fun when playing the games!

7 Top Chinese Wedding Door Games

There are a lot of games that can be played. Here are seven games that are the most popular:

1. Why you love her

The friends of the bride will ask the groom why he loves her. He has to say it loud so that the bride can hear clearly. He may be even asked to write these reasons down of a large piece of board. Of course he will need to sign on the board to express the idea that he will love the bride forever.

2. Pick the seeds

Ask the groom and the groomsmen to put their feet into a large pot of ice water. There will be some seeds in the pot. They will be asked to pick the seeds using their feet and toes only. They will certainly have a hard time when putting the feet in the ice water.

3. Sing while doing push up

The groomsmen will be asked to do push up. Of course it is not that easy. They will have to sing some love songs while they are doing push up. It is full of fun to see the men running out of energy when doing push up and singing.

4. Eat some foods

Of coure ating will not be something difficult. In this game, however, all the groomsmen, as well as the groom will be asked to eat something which is very spicy. Bridesmaids may even add some wasabi to the food. This will certainly give the groomsmen and him a very difficult yet funny time.

5. Dance, dance, dance

Yes, bridesmaids will ask the groom and groomsmen to dance one by one. Of course this game is not that easy. They will need to put on bras or leotard pants. They need to dance by following some funky dancing videos.

6. Let's Kiss

Apply lipstick to the groom. Then he will be asked to kiss the groomsmen one by one. Another version of the game is to apply lipstick to all the groomsmen and ask them to kiss him, preferably mouth to mouth. Again, this can be something funny.

7. Passing the seaweed

The groomsmen and the groom will be asked to stand in a straight line. Give them seaweed to pass along. However, they will only be allowed to pass it using the mouth. The seaweed has to be cut to very small pieces in order to make the game more exciting.

More Ideas of The Games

The above are the 7 top Chinese door games that will be usually play. Without any surprise, there are also other options. For example, it is also common to ask the groom to complete a puzzle in a very short period of time. Asking him questions about the bride can also be a game here. The questions can be something very private that only the bride will only. Of course it is important to make sure that the questions will not be offensive. This is to test if he knows everything about the bride. Bridesmaids should also be able to create their own interesting and funny games.

Besides, when playing the door games, the bride will usually stay in another room so that the bride and the groom cannot see each other. He can only see the bride after the her friends and family members give way to him at the "door".

About the Li Si or Red Packet

Now, let us talk about the red packet, or Li Si. Usually, this will be given to the bridesmaids after playing all the Chinese wedding door games. As discussed, the token money will be wrapped in a red color envelope. The amount of money inside the envelope is a question here. Usually, the amount will be some lucky number. In Chinese, "3" means life, "8" means wealth and "9" denotes the idea of longevity and being together forever. As a result, the amount will usually be combinations of these numbers. Some examples here will be 999, 399 and 388.

Below is a very sweet and interesting video about Chinese wedding door games:

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