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Happiness is certainly the essence of marriage. Yes, you will want to happy together forever after your wedding. This is also the reason and the main idea of this wedding invitation template design. It features the word “Happiness”.

It is a simple yet extremely elegant design. Of course, the design will be boring if we just put the words “Happiness ever after” on it. Instead, we have treated the design in a different way. We attempt to put the idea of water color and these words together. The water color on the card looks like water. As a result, the notion of water color makes the “H” of the word swim happily. In this free wedding card, the design of “H” is special in a sense that it looks like a pair of fishes swimming together in a pond. The couple will be together happily forever. They will never get separated. This is also the main focus of the design. The other words of the phrase “Happiness ever after” are just simply put on the design so as to make the “H” even more outstanding. This design virtually fits all types of wedding themes. You can go for this design no matter you are having a winter wedding or a classic wedding. Although there is no fixed themed for this design and we design the “H” as a calligraphy, the bluish tone of this beautiful design makes it also a perfect option for a beach wedding. If you are really going to have a summer beach wedding, you may even get some seashell ornaments and glue them on the card if you are going to have a themed event on a beach. Just let your imagination fly and you will be able to create an exquisite wedding card with this free template.

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