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We want to make a really modern design this time. It will be a design which virtually fit every type of wedding theme (Well, unless you are searching for some vintage or really classic design). We will say, this is a simple yet modern design. All these in fact can be seen even just from the name of this design – “Modern Dots”.

Modern Dots wedding invitation template

We do not put a lot of fancy decorations to this design. Instead, small and simple dots are used as the main design element. In fact, such type of arrangement will make this design look modern. There are fewer dots on the top and more dots at the bottom so as to make the design look more stable. When it comes to the color schemes, there are usually two options for this type of design. We can either make very colorful dots or use only a few colors. We go for the latter as we do not want something too fancy so that your names can be standout. So, the main color scheme of the design is different shades of purple colors and grey for this design. The dots are either in light or dark purple (different shades), or grey. To add just a bit of human touch to the design the word “and” between the names of bride and groom is treated as a calligraphy. This can create a contrast with the dots so as to make the design more interesting. As for the colors of this “and”, we still stick to our main color sheme. It is grey in color. Your names will be in dark purple color. The bold names will certainly draw the attention of all the guests you invite.

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