Lucky Hexagon - Free Wedding Invitation Template

This is our another attempt to create a modern design after “Modern Dots“. We will consider this design also modern and elegant. Again, as there was no fixed theme in our mind when we designed this template, tt will suit any couples who want to invite their guests with a truly elegant and modern style.

Lucky Hexagon Invitation Template

Just like the design “Modern Dots” we just mentioned, we do not use a lot of fancy colors when we create this free wedding invitation template. We still stick to the idea of using two main colors. In this design, these two colors are gold and grey. This combination is always perfect for a modern design. They will not be fancy but they will help create a very elegant look. A “border” in the shape of a diamond is the main feature of this template. The border is composed by a series of diamond shapes in gold and grey color. These diamonds, all in slightly different sizes and proportions, remind us the diamonds on our wedding rings. Even if you are not going to have a wedding rings with diamonds, it will still remind us about the idea of rings. This is really a symbol of wedding. We will also say this is a lucky hexagon. Yes, it is really lucking to meet you. This is the luck of the couple. This is also a blessing for the the guests. For the wording, we have put it inside the diamond. As for the color of wording, we still keep the colors grey and gold. As you may be able to guess, the information is printed in grey while your names are printing in gold. Everyone who loves a modern invitation will love this design.

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