Love Letter Air Mail - Free Wedding Invitation Template

You’ve got mail!! This is a mail you will only send once in your life. It is so important that you must make it unique and special. It is a love letter sent by air mail. Yes, it is a wedding message you will send to your beloved ones. You will invite your guests to your big day with this love letter.

Love Letter Air Mail Wedding Invitation Template

If you are going to have a destination wedding, this template is certainly for you. The design of this free wedding invitation template is cute. It is designed in a sense that it looks like some types of postcards. As a result, there is a border which is designed like the border you will see on the envelope for air mail. This type of postcard design is not uncommon. Yet, what is special about this design is that we make this style your wedding card. It depicts a cartoon style couple. They have their wedding gown and attired worn. The bride is also holding a bouquet. This will tell all your friends and relatives that it is about a wedding even at the first glance. The wording is not very complicated for this design. The names of the couple are printed on the top. Wedding information is printed under the band with the word “WEDDING”. It is not something extreme formal so as to create a more relaxing atmosphere. This design is colorful and it suits an informal wedding very well. As from the name love letter, you will probably be able to guess that the design will also look like an air mail. The border of this design is like the border of an air mail envelope. Your guests will be attracted by this design and remember your big day once they receive this wedding card.

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